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My name is Les Price and I’m so glad that you’ve made it to my website! 

For over 20 years I’ve been helping aspiring individuals, purpose-driven business owners and organisations unlock their highest potential and make a bigger impact in the world.

I believe that within each of us there is a calling to greatness. A subtle, yet significant quest to discover our core purpose, activate our unique gifts and realise our destiny in this lifetime. That’s why I’m blessed to be able to combine my extensive business, leadership, therapeutic and spiritual backgrounds to help purpose-driven and soul-centered individuals and business owners shine.

I hope that by visiting this site you’ll find the courage, inspiration and tools to stand fully in your light, and make a bigger difference in your world.

Because the world needs you to SHINE!

“There is an essence of greatness within everyone that is waiting to unfold.
When you follow your heart and embrace your destiny you allow this magnificence to shine. 
Now is the perfect time to shine your light brightly. Now is the time to transcend your fear and limitations
and rediscover the endless possibility of your soul. “

Les Price

Transformational Coaching, Guidance and Healing for
Purpose-Driven Individuals, Business Owners and Organisations
Who Are Ready to Make a Bigger Difference

About Les

Les Price is a transformational business coach, intuitive healer, speaker and author.
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Intuitive Coaching

Coaching for individuals and organisations who want to have a bigger impact in the world.
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Les' Latest Book

Les’ latest book Awakening the Heart of Business will help transform your life and business.
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A Light in the Darkness

As a speaker and author Les helps empower people and organisations to discover new ways of connecting with their innate potential so they can liberate their best work into the world.

However, the path to success is not always paved with roses. Often we are confronted with obstacles, challenges and emotional chaos that can take our attention away from the purpose at hand. It’s in these situations that we often need a guide to help us reconnect with our true power and find our own way back to certainty, empowerment and clarity.

In navigating our own “hero’s journey” we develop the resilience and strength to understand that we are much more powerful than we give ourselves credit for. We discover that we are the masters of our own lives, and that as leaders we have the potential to reshape and redirect the path of our lives, businesses and world.

That’s why if you are at a crossroads in your life or business, are facing obstacles or challenges, or just need a sounding board and non-judgmental guidance to help you move forward then an intuitive session with Les may help you:

Gain valuable guidance, clarity, direction and purpose

Feel empowered and create a more meaningful life

Enable greater freedom, flow and alignment in life

Enjoy greater courage, strength and self-confidence

Release limiting patterns holding you back

Connect with your intuition, wisdom and guidance

Expand your confidence, influence and self-worth

Create new prosperity, happiness and wealth

Les has a gift for giving business and career advice that is aligned with higher soul purpose and helping you get on track to get your best work out in to the world and make more impact. I recommend Les highly.

Lauchlan Mckinnon

Strategic Coach and Online Marketer, Clarify Your Strategy

What’s unique about Les is that he carries no judgement, and that he naturally takes people on a journey towards rediscovering their true, authentic self. Which is why, I would recommend him to anyone who is a seeker or anyone who needs clarity on their “soul path” journey.

Gillian Harris

Corporate Trainer and Facilitator, Drucker and Associates

Les brings to his consultation and facilitation a lightness of being, a calm grounded presence and a sparkling clarity. Coupled with a deep respect for the person he is working with, these qualities serve to open the way to a deepened level of clarity. The result is to enable validation of one’s one inner knowing. Decisions made are then made in full knowledge that they come from one’s own inner wisdom, facilitated by Les’ skill. I am very happy to recommend his work.

Taruni Falconer

Director, Intercultural Dynamics

Discover the Soul-Centred Approach to Greater
Success, Flow and Happiness

Creating any form of transformation and change in our lives is an inner-game. Sadly, too many people have lost the intuitive and innate connection to their own soul, guidance and intuition that is required to flow, thrive and flourish.

Taking a soul-centred path to success means reconnecting with your soul’s innate intelligence, activating your life purpose and creating greater states of alignment, purpose and flow. The result of which is greater happiness, success and fulfilment without the stress, struggle and frustration.

Helping Purpose-Driven Individuals Shine

If there is a vision in your heart that you need to share with the world. Les can help.
Les’ diverse experience across a range of fields including corporate, management, sales, training, business, professional coaching, energy healing, counselling, hypnotherapy and spirituality mean that he is able to help his clients create new pathways that fully embody mind, body, soul and spirit.

His unique gift is his ability to blend intuitive soulful life guidance, energy healing and transformational coaching to help clients break free from the patterns, beliefs and behaviours that often limit their success. The result is usually profound new levels of awareness, flow and confidence that has a transformational impact on in their lives, businesses and organisations. Discover more …

Intuitive Coaching and Mentoring

Looking for a transformational coach to help you ‘sing your best song’ and ‘stand in your light’?
Les’ gift is in his ability to intuitively connect with the deeper sense of potential that exists within every person and organisation. As an intuitive, Les helps purpose-driven organisations, aspiring individuals and spirited leaders connect with their true sense of purpose; transform patterns of limitation into power; lack of clarity into exceptional focus; playing small into realising great dreams; and holding back into creating a life of significance, meaning and purpose. Discover more …

Searching for a Speaker for Your Next Event?

Looking for a speaker or emcee for your next function, event, seminar or workshop?
As a professional platform presenter Les has been delivering workshops, presentations and training to both business and public audiences for over 20 years. His unique ability to engage audiences and weave ancient wisdom with modern day principles for creating an inspired business and life has helped numerous and unleash their ‘greatest’ productivity, profitability and performance. Discover more …

Awakening the Heart of Business
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In this revolutionary book, Les shares his seven-step system for unleashing your vision and creating a transformational business that touches, moves and impacts more lives. An inspiring guide for every heart-centered, conscious business owner who wants to do what they love, attract more customers and make a more meaningful and purposeful difference in the world.

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