Following the Soul-Centred Path to Greatness

I’m not sure if you had an opportunity to catch the performance of 12 year old Beau Dermott on the opening night of this seasons Britain’s Got Talent… But if not I highly recommend taking a look now …

One of the greatest benefits of reality television is that its allowed a new generation of talent to emerge and be recognised for their innate gifts. In many ways the lawyers who leave their jobs to pursue a career in food, the buskers who give up everything to seek out there one shot at making it in the world are all just archetypes for the greater energy that is pervading our consciousness at this time.

At some level we are all being encouraged to find our own authentic path,
to utilise our innate gifts and to stand out in the world

Our deep inner-quest for meaning and purpose in our lives means that on so many levels our souls will not be happy until we truly listen to and follow the calling of heart, and summon within ourselves the courage to shine.

So what can we learn from this inspiring new generation of talent like Beau. Well, here are 3 questions to help awaken your potential:

1.       What’s my platform?

What’s the stage or platform where you do your greatest work? In what situations or environments are you filled with passion, purpose and connection?

All of us have areas and environments in our lives where we naturally flow. Where we feel like time stops still and a greater purpose and power flows through us. In these moments we are fully connected and present, and we find ourselves reaching beyond the limitations of our own experiences to become more, experience more and enjoy more. Just like Beau, in these authentic moments our true spirit has the capacity to shine.

Find your platform and you will also find your authentic voice and spirit.

2.       How do I get out of my own way and allow my true self to shine?

Watch Beau’s performance and you will notice a moment just after Simon Cowell’s acknowledgement for her to start, as the camera pans away from the large theatre view and zooms back in on her when her whole posture, facial expressions and energy changes. Gone is the timid and airy 12 year girl and instead there is an energy of a very mature, professional and experienced stage artist.

All of us are being called at some level of our being to let go of the fears, limitations and doubts of our past. The moment that we choose to stand in our light and power something incredible begins to happen. It’s almost as if a boldness, authority and power that has never been there begins to arise.

As adults our great challenge is to let go of our past perceptions, past judgements and fully love and embrace the amazing being that we are. Boldness embodies courage, and in the midst of that courage and strength we find the power to become the masters of our own lives.

3.       How do I need to defy gravity in my own life and business?

On the path towards creating greater levels of success we all experience energies, environments and people that can bring us down.

While there are certain laws of the universe (such as gravity) which we are unable to change, there also many situations that we do have power over. Using your free-will to choose in favour of your destiny, dreams and highest ideals is the one of the greatest powers that you have. Best of all it is already in your own hands.

A mentor of mine calls this ‘chasing the chi’ i.e. hunting down the true experiences, places and people that give your life energy and make you feel fully alive.

Asking the following questions will also help you create greater levels of personal energy:

So where do you need to commit more fully to your dreams? Where are you being called to channel your highest work in a way that creates greater change on the planet? What could you truly do if you realised that beyond the heaviness of other people’s negativity and opinions was a space for you to leave your mark and create your legacy in this life?

I believe there is a lot to learn from this new generation of children who are finding out early that its ok to follow your own path, trust your instincts and leave your mark in the world.

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