What does it take to create real fulfillment in life?

One of my favorite inspirational quotes would have to be from American philosopher, theologian and educator Howard Thurman.

“Don’t ask what the world needs. As what makes you come alive,
and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”

In finding our own path to greatness, each of us will be confronted by choices and decisions in life. It’s in the moments of choice and decision that our true destiny is shaped. Yet what is it that exists beneath the surface of our consciousness that directs our thoughts, actions and behaviors on a daily basis?

Activating Your Soul Path

At a soul level, you incarnated to share your gifts, to grow, develop and expand. In many ways you are really here to share your true authentic essence with the world in a way that best utilises your skills, gifts, talents and abilities. Sadly, though many people are still disconnected from this energy and intent in their daily lives, instead settling for a life that does not fill them with joy or bring them fully alive.

Changing your life, requires a change in perspective. If at any level you are unhappy with the results that you are experiencing in an area of life, then it is time for a ‘makeover’. However, this inner-transformation needs to first start with a shift in the consciousness that has been producing the results that you ‘don’t want’.

In my own coaching sessions and life experience I have found that there are now increasing numbers of people who feel lost and uncertain of their life and career direction. This is not something that is uncommon, in fact it is often a wake-up call from your soul guiding you to explore what you ‘really want in life’.

Here are my 7 tips for creating greater levels of joy, happiness and meaning in life …


1)      Be Kind to Yourself

Have you noticed that we are often are very own best and worst critics? Our own carving for self-acceptance and love means that we often put undue pressure on ourselves to perform and to meet expectations that simply unreasonable.

The first act of self-love is self-acceptance, an unconditional and unwavering commitment to loving yourself and being kind to yourself, regardless of what has or has not happened in your life. Doing this means that we first need to forgive and release ourselves from past failures, mistakes and upsets. It means recognising that everything in life is a learning experience, an opportunity for our souls to grow, elevate and expand.

Core Questions:

  • Where am I being too hard on myself?
  • How do I need to forgive myself and release myself from past mistakes, failures and upsets?

2)      What Do You Really Desire?

Desires are messages from the soul that are guiding you to awaken more of your innate potential. The key however comes in the form of discernment, that is, being able to decipher what it is that YOU really want, as compared to what is driven by the external expectations of others.

To access this level of energy means allowing your consciousness to drop into the heart space. While your head may want the big glorious mansion house with an outdoor pool and ocean view, your heart may be wanting to find its own retreat space in a beautiful cabin in the hills.

Being able to listen intently to your heart’s true desires is the key to lasting fulfilment.

Core Questions:

  • What dreams have I given up on or put on the shelf?
  • If I had a magic wand what would I most want to change, shift or improve in my life?
  • What does my soul REALLY desire right now?

3)      Step Fully into the Presence of Your Unlimited Being

Living fully and on purpose begins with a state of being. You have already experienced moments in your life where you were so intently alive that time seemed to slip by. In these moments of being fully connected with your source you may have even felt that an even greater energy was flowing through you.

We were born to live in harmony with our true essence, because it is here at the core of our being when we are in alignment with our spirit that real magic happens.

A question that I have found useful in helping guide students to a fuller understanding of this energy is something I learned from relationship and dating expert Marni Battista.

“Who am I being when I am experiencing unabashed joy in my life?”

It’s a great question that will help you connect more deeply with what brings you fully alive (your soul essence). I know that personally for me, I am living fully on purpose when I am speaking and engaging an audience, when I am writing and sharing higher sacred wisdom or when I am facilitating people to bring out their inner-greatness.

Core Questions:

  • Who am I being when I am experiencing unabashed joy in my life?

4)      Discover Your Awesome

I’ve just recently been reading a great book by inspirational author and coach Jon Acuff called Start. At the heart of this book is a simple shift in consciousness from being average – to awesome.

The reality is that we were not created to lead lives of mediocrity. We were each uniquely crafted with an inner-gift, a resource and way of being that brings light, joy and happiness into our lives.

So how do we make the transition from average to awesome, by simply reflecting and noticing the moments where you feel fully alive in life. For some people this may be when they are preparing and baking a lasagne at home, for others it might be in the purposefulness that they bring to creative project that is inspired into life from nothingness.

Acknowledging and appreciating even the smallest moments where you ‘do good’, where you ‘feel fully alive’, where you experience the presence off being truly ‘awe-filled’ will help liberate your life.

And what do you do when you’ve found these precious moments? Do more of them, because whatever brings you fully alive is a vital part of your soul’s journey and presence. However it just may be that you have not made it important enough on your list of values.

Core Questions:

  • What’s most important to you in life? What brings you fully alive?
  • Where do you display your greatest ‘sense of awesome’?

5)      Expand Your Presence in the World

Presence is the energetic field of potentiality that encompasses your true being. In any moment you are more than capable of creating miracles in your life. The key is to realise your power, activate it and then allow it to guide you through your intuition to the people, places and events that are in alignment with your intentions.

Expanding your presence begins with a shift in consciousness. It begins by first realising that who you are is more than your body, more than your thoughts and more than your feelings. You are in fact an eternal and unlimited being with the capacity to create magic in your own life and the life of others.

Your presence is an essential part of your character. Not everyone has presence, yet everyone can nurture and develop this charisma or energy in their own life by first beginning to see and acknowledge themselves as they really are – whole, perfect and complete.

Core Questions:

  • What would be possible for my life if there were no limits?
  • Who would I not be afraid to be?
  • What unique gift, energy or vibration would I want to bring to every interaction I make with others? (see if you can define this intent and energy in one word)

6)      Accept Your Essential Truth

At the soul level, you already know what you want, who you are and why you are here. The key however is in allowing your conscious mind to step out of the way, beyond fear and limitation to accept your essential truth.

You can only accept your essential truth when you are willing to own and accept all parts of yourself, the good, the bad and the ugly. The greater your levels of self-acceptance and self-appreciation the greater your willingness to be your authentic self.

Authenticity is courageous. It implies that in dropping our masks we can allow ourselves to be seen fully and completely. In the midst of our greatest vulnerability is also our greatest strength.

Core Questions:

  • What am I concerned would happen if I was to drop my masks and simply be my authentic self?
  • What is the essential truth at the core of my being?

7)      Trust Your Intuitive Guidance

Finding your true purpose and soul essence is a journey – not a destination. When the student is willing to stop, turn within and ask their own higher guidance for direction, then direction comes when one is willing to listen.

This is a process of surrender. A means to stripping back the layers to allow the great wisdom that has always been within you to arise to the surface. While you may research your options and ask others for guidance and advice, at the end of the day every decision defines and shapes the course of your life.

Therefore, every step and every action holds within it the seed of great potential and possibility.

In learning to listen and attune to your soul’s inner wisdom and guidance you begin to awaken new levels of being in the world. You begin the journey home to recognising and accepting the great intuitive being that has and always will be within you. Accepting your power and ability to channel this with grace, love and significance is the first step to leading a more enlightened, purposeful and meaningful life.

Core Questions:

  • Where does my soul guide me today?
  • What is the next action I need to take that would create greater levels of joy, happiness, abundance and peace in my life?
  • How can I serve and make a difference in an even greater way?


Are you looking to expand your presence, potential and influence in the world? Are you longing to connect more closely with your own sense of purpose and desire to experience greater levels of flow, happiness, joy and ease?

Les Price is a transformational coach, healer and intuitive who has been working in the fields of personal, spiritual and professional development for over 20 years. If you’re ready to take your life, business and vision to a new level of being then contact our office today to organise your complimentary 20 minute coaching discovery session with Les.