Day 3 - Initiation Through Death and Rebirth

by Les Price | The 21 Day Soul Cleanse

“All human life has its seasons and cycles, and no one’s personal chaos can be permanent. Winter, after all, gives way to spring and summer, though sometimes when branches stay dark and the earth cracks with ice, one thinks they will never come, that spring, and that summer, but they do, and always.”
Truman Capote

Whether we realise it or not, we are all on an eternal journey of being born into life, death and rebirth.

All of our lives travel in cycles of beginnings, middles and completions. Our job as human’s living a spiritual existence is to honour these cycles and transitions in our lives, rather than resisting them, for when we do our lives take on new meaning, we find ourselves letting go and surrendering more to the process of life, than trying to hold onto something that has already changed and transformed and wishes to be set free into the new.

Change of any type however is not easy for the ego which wishes to hold onto form, the material and substance that we associate as being our lives. Your spirit and soul on the other hand has not attachments and is free to shift and change as it pleases. And here within exists most of the conflict and struggle that we human’s experience in life.

Awakening your soul and spirit to your inner-greatness will take you on a journey of self-discovery deep into your being. It is here that we are often brought to the precipice of change, the hold threshold where we are called to make a decision. Jump or be pushed, the choice is still always ours to make. Yet in the midst of this initiation we are being presented with something even deeper, an opportunity to face our fears, to find our strength and to grow. We are being offered both a test and a gift.

So as you reflect back on your life, look for the moments that literally ‘made you’ today. Often the most character and spirit defining moments of our lives have been those where we rose up against the odds to discover that we were much more than we appeared to be. That we were resilient, strong, loving and courageous in our own right. These spirit-filled moments of existence are the fuel that our soul dwells and thrives on, for it realises that no test will ever go unanswered, and no challenge is provided without some form of gift.

Life, death and rebirth are all part of the same cycle. Just as the trees do not try to hold onto their dying leaves in autumn, so too we are encouraged to go with the flow of our life seasons, to travel lightly, and to know trust and believe that even in our deepest winters, spring is around the corner, and the divine within us is hard at work shaping us into who we were truly meant to be.

The Practice

The process of refining the human soul and spirit is not always easy. Often higher-guidance will bring to our awareness the patterns, beliefs and behaviours that we most need to heal and release at this time. It’s akin to taking a snow dome, those little clear water enclosed scenes that are filled with glitter and shaking it up. While we may not see the snow when the dome is resting one our desk, the moment we move or shake it, the residue that once was on the bottom is now comes up to be seen.

In these moments we are being called to purification, the ancient ritual of releasing the impurities that have held us back, so that when the time is right to move into our new lives we can travel more easily. Just as fire is used to heat gold to a very high temperature so that the impurities within can rise to the top and be removed, today our practice provides a purification process for your soul.

1)      Find a comfortable place where you will not be disturbed and close your eyes.

2)      Imagine walking down a flight of ten stairs into a magnificent healing chamber and temple. You may imagine something a little like the ancient temples in Egypt, Greece or Lemuria.

3)      In the centre of this temple a ceremonial fire is burning, and you know intuitively it has been created for you to purify, release and surrender all energies you have carried as part of your identity that no longer serve you moving forward.

4)      You now begin to take of the old clothes, the old coverings, the old husk that has kept you firm in your old identity. You give yourself permission now to release these so you can allow the new to enter.

5)      Gather up all these coverings, layers and all old energy, beliefs and patterns that no longer serve you. Place them now into the fire of your soul and release them to the light. Continue this process until you feel clear, clean and ready now to take the next step in your life.

6)      Clean and pure, you now see a doorway into the chamber of transformation and progression. All you need to do as the initiate is find the strength, courage and willingness to step forward, through this door – and enter the chamber now.

7)      Here within this chamber exists both the test and the gift for you. Pay attention to both of these:

a.       What is the test that you need to fulfill at this time? How will fulfilling this help your soul learn, grow & evolve?

b.       What is the gift that comes with this experience? Are you ready to accept it?

The Affirmation

Today I choose to travel lightly through life, and as I surrender my ego’s need to know and hold on, life rewards me with new life, new growth and new opportunities.

The Question

What have been the greatest lessons from the soul defining moments of my past?
And who have I become through this process?

The Thought

My soul and spirit are eternal and infinite. They know no bounds. They have no beginning or end. And with this understanding I can allow myself to flow through life and experience the different seasons with grace, love and ease.