About Les

Les Price is a transformational coach, intuitive healer, professional speaker and published author who has been helping aspiring individuals, business owners and leaders create greater levels of success and fulfillment for over twenty years.

He has worked extensively as a coach, consultant and trainer, with small and medium-size businesses across the UK, Europe, USA and Japan, and has successfully operated his own businesses for over fifteen years.

In 1996, Les experienced his own ‘second calling’ in life, after attending a transformational seminar in Hawaii where he realised that his gift was helping people break through the barriers that often hold them back, so that they can get their best work out into the world. Inspired by a desire to see others realise their full potential, Les now works with Purpose-Driven Individuals and Business Leaders who have a BIG heart, a BIG vision and who want to make a BIGGER difference in the world.

Les holds a Master’s degree in Entrepreneurship and Innovation, and has been a senior university lecturer in Business, Leadership and Management for over ten years. In 2008, he helped co-found Visionary Business Leaders International.

Today, he is known for his ability to engage, inspire and share insightful wisdom with audiences, and he now speaks internationally on maximising human potential; awakening the heart of business; and creating a success consciousness.

Anyone who meets Les Price, reads one of his books or sees him presenting will come away from the experience feeling empowered, inspired and fully alive.

Les is based in Melbourne, Australia, and is director of The Greatness Connection, a unique, peak-performance consultancy that assists companies, businesses and aspiring leaders to realise their goals in an enlightened and visionary way.

To learn more about Les’ latest book head over to www.awakeningtheheartofbusiness.com
To learn more about The Greatness Connection head over to www.thegreatnessconnection.com

Working with Les

Today I am blessed to do what I love, which is helping aspiring individuals, purpose-driven business owners and spirited leaders SHINE.

My gift is helping combine western success principles with eastern wisdom so that people can re-awaken and re-imagine the potential in their lives and businesses. Which enables them to reconnect with their true purpose and discover their authentic message so that they can stand out and become leaders of excellence in their field.

By being able to bridge the gap between business, personal growth, mindfulness and purposeful living, I help my clients create major transformations and purposeful shifts in their lives and businesses. And it is usually at this intersection that clients and audiences experience their greatest breakthroughs and transformation.



Transformational Coach

Coaching for aspiring individuals and organisations who are ready to have a bigger impact in the world.
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My Philosophy on Life and Business

I’m a firm believer that we’re all born with greatness within. It’s not something that is reserved for the select few. And the moment we commit to seeking the inner-guidance of our own heart and soul, and following our true calling, then we have the capacity to activate and enjoy deeper levels of personal freedom, power and fulfillment.

So what I love is seeing people light-up, especially when they are connected with their true purpose and reason for being. The moment they decide to plug in a bigger vision for their life or business something magical happens. They awaken to realise the destiny that they were uniquely crafted to live.

My Personal Vision

That’s why I’m on a personal mission to create a thriving global movement of 1,000,000+ heart-centered, purpose-driven leaders who have the courage to stand in their own light, create enlightened wealth and make a greater difference in the world.