Understanding Archetypes: The Hidden Forces that Shape Our Lives [Episode 4]

Understanding Archetypes: The Hidden Forces that Shape Our Lives [Episode 4]

How Archetypes Direct and Influence the Course of Our Lives

The contents of the collective unconscious are archetypes.
Primordial images that reflect basic patterns that are common to us all,
and which have existed since the dawn of time.
~Jung’s Concept of the Collective Unconscious


In this week’s Podcast I had the privilege of spending time with archetypal chart reader, healer and intuitive – Barbara Stone, where we explored the effects that these often hidden and unconscious energies have on the path of our lives, and how we can ultimately find courage to listen to the true voice of our hearts.


Barb has now been working in the field of alternative health, healing and spiritual development for over 40 years. Initially starting her journey studying lay psychology and doing crisis phone counselling work, Barb later went on to learn Reiki which helped activate her natural intuitive and psychic potential.

Along the way she had the privilege of work with many great teachers, where she extended her practice into the fields of Seichim, NLP, Cutting the Ties that Bind, Energy Anatomy, Archetypes, Astrology, Thought Field Therapy, Emotional Freedom Technique, Pranic Healing, Bowen Therapy, Neuro Structural Integration Technique, flower essences, Tarot and Meditation. However, her main work over the last 20 years has been in the field of Archetypes and understanding the often hidden and subtle influences that often play out in our lives.

Having initially studied the work with Dr. Caroline Myss, Barb has now gone on to cast over 20,000 + charts/ readings for her clients. Helping them gain the guidance, direction and self-empowerment that they have needed to fully thrive in their lives. She now lives in The Basin, on the outskirts of Melbourne, Australia with her new partner, and is blessed to have 3 wonderful adult children, and 9 magnificent grandchildren. .

Discover how these universal energies and unconscious patterns
directly influence the nature of our lives.

In this fascinating podcast interview we discuss and explore the concept of Archetypes, the universal energies and patterns that seem to play out in our lives. While some of these archetypes are believed to be present in every person, many of them play out and influence our lives in diverse ways as we progress on our life and soul journey.

By learning to identify and understand these patterns we can finally learn to consciously evolve our thinking and feeling to become more empowered, present and vital in our lives. Instead of reacting to the tribal forces at play we can develop the consciousness and awareness that helps us to regain our power, and make choices and decisions that are aligned with the truth of our hearts.

The result is that we become the hero and heroine of our own lives – vital and self-sufficient travellers who can embrace the courage to adjust our sails and live the lives we were truly born to live.


In this conversation we talk about:

  • What archetypes really are and how their influence plays out in our lives
  • The three key addictions that keep modern society from realising their full potential
  • The four levels of consciousness and how we can ascend to greater levels of awareness
  • The role that the heart and intuition have in bringing us back to our true states of being
  • Why trust, self-love and self-respect are critical if we are going to progress in our lives
  • How archetypes often play out in our personal relationships
  • The empowerment of women and the impact that it is having on men and relationships
  • The hero’s journey and how we are all being called to step into our light and lead
Core Transformation: Finding Your Way Back to Wholeness [Episode 3]

Core Transformation: Finding Your Way Back to Wholeness [Episode 3]

Finding Your Way Back to Wholeness

It often takes a crisis to break through our usual models of the world.
A crisis is a gift, an opportunity, and perhaps a manifestation that life loves us,
beckoning us to go beyond the dance we presently perform.
Leslie Lebeau

In this week’s Podcast I had the wonderful opportunity to speak intimately with coach, trainer and NLP practitioner Blazenka Krasey on what it really takes to ‘return to wholeness’ and create lasting transformation in our lives.

Blazenka has been at forefront of the personal growth and development movement for over 15 years.

Originally born in Croatia she described her own childhood as having been ‘magical’. However, at the age of 10 her family decided to migrate to Melbourne Australia, and while on the outside this new change brought about a greater level of abundance into her life, on the inside her self-confidence and identity began to fall apart.

And it was because of this that she began her own healing journey – an inner search to find a way out of the pain, and to restore wholeness back into her own life.

A journey that led her to discover Core Transformation, a unique healing process that helps people return to their source, release limiting emotions that may be holding then back and create lives of greater joy, happiness and fulfillment.

Discover how to return to your core and find the wellspring within!

For over 15 years  coach, trainer and NLP practitioner, Blazenka Krasey has been helping her clients find their own way back to wholeness and fulfillment. Having studied with some of the great teachers and masters of our time including Tony Robbins, Marisa Peer and Dr. John Demartini, Blazenka now specialises in the Core Transformation Process, a unique and tool for transformational healing developed by Connirae and Tamara Andreas that helps people return to their core and in the process free themselves from the limiting patterns and emotions that often hold them back.


In this conversation we talk about:

  • The Core Transformation Process and how it helps people to release limiting emotions and patterns
  • How to return to and access your own core states
  • Why some people stop themselves from fully accepting their light and magnifience
  • How to create a spiritual practice of acceptance, gratitude and awareness that frees your soul
  • Why pain is often an essential element in the holistic healing model
  • How to create greater states of acceptance and awareness with your emotional states
  • How to reconnect at a deeper level with the true essence of who you really are
  • Why everyone at this time needs to find their sovereignty, essence and core states
Change Your Thinking – Change Your World [Episode 2]

Change Your Thinking – Change Your World [Episode 2]

The Three Essential Shifts That Will Reshape Your World

We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think.
When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves.

In this week’s podcast I have the pleasure of speaking with positive psychologist, author and speaker Tess Howells from Thrive Positive Psychology on what it really takes to create lasting change in our lives.

Tess has been at the forefront of a new movement towards a complete and holistic approach to mental health and positive psychology for over 20 years. She’s a practicing psychologist who’s held a long-term interest in the science of happiness, neuroscience, ethics, and nutritional and environmental medicine and is the founder of Thrive Positive Psychology.

Tess has worked extensively across Australia within the public, private, not-for-profit and community sectors, where she has often found herself in situations where she was responsible for helping people and organisations deal with their “problems”. Several years ago she was greatly inspired by the work of Dr Martin Seligman, and the new approach for psychology that focuses on the factors that contribute to living our lives well, rather than focusing on problems.

Like to know how to create a happier and more fulfilling life?

In 2014 Tess published her book Change Your Thinking – Change Your World: Proven techniques for finding happiness and meaning in your life, which brings together the best evidence based research in the area of positive psychology, neuroscience, ethics, spirituality, epigenetics and nutritional and environmental medicine to help more people get back in control of their lives and find greater meaning and purpose.


In this conversation we talk about:

  • How to positively change your thinking and create greater happiness and fulfillment in life
  • The three key shifts that are essential to create lasting change and transformation
  • Why gratitude is essential to enabling more joy to enter your life
  • How meditation can be used to create greater levels of peace, happiness and flow
  • The scale of human emotions and how shifting your focus can change your energy
  • How the new fields of quantum physics and epigentics are redefining our lives
  • Why everyone can change their thinking and recreate their world
How to Awaken the Power of Calling in Your Life [Episode 1]

How to Awaken the Power of Calling in Your Life [Episode 1]

Forget about the fast lane. If you really want to fly, harness your power to your passion.
Honor your calling. Everybody has one.
Trust your heart and success will come to you.

~ Oprah Winfrey

In this episode, Les explores the energy and essence of engaging your personal calling as well as 5 key insights to activate its dynamic power in your own life.

At the heart of every successful leader, business owner and transformation agent is a cause or purpose that inspires them to rise to new levels of greatness. The good news is that this same capacity to influence change, create new levels of success and experience deeper levels of fulfillment and personal satisfaction is already within you.