Episode 12 – Expanding Into Your Extraordinary Self

Episode 12 – Expanding Into Your Extraordinary Self

Discover the Path to Awakening Your Highest Self

“God’s greatest gift to you is your unlimited potential.
Your greatest gift to God is use that potential to the fullest.”
James Arthur Ray
What does it take to fully step into your extraordinary self?
How do we tap into the other 99% of our extraordinary potential?
How can we awaken our innate potential and live the life we were uniquely crafted to live?


In this episode of the Leading in the Light Podcast we begin a short mini-series exploring what it takes to move beyond ‘Ordinary’ and to experience the ‘Extraordinary’ self within that is waiting to unfold. We’ll share the four key elements of the ‘Godicle Theory’ to help you tap into a greater consciousness and access the other 99% of the potentiality that is waiting for you. And we’ll share 5 key principles for helping you rise beyond fear, limitation and the status quo to connect more fully with your spirit and become the person you were destined to be.

About Les Price

Les Price is a transformational coach, intuitive healer, professional speaker and published author who has been helping aspiring individuals, business owners and leaders create greater levels of success and fulfillment for over twenty years.

At the tender age of 8 Les discovered that there was a ‘hidden magic’ and potential within all of us.. Since then he has been on an enduring quest to help even more people find their path and awaken and their own personal, professional and spiritual potential.

Les is based in Melbourne, Australia, and is director of The Greatness Connection, a peak-performance consultancy that assists companies, businesses and aspiring leaders to realise their goals in an enlightened and visionary way.


In this session Les speaks about:

  • The 5 step path to awakening more of your divine greatness
  • The essence of the ‘Godicle Theory’ and how it can awaken your life
  • How to rise beyond fear, doubt and limitation to discover your true potential
  • Why connecting with a greater consciousness is so important at this time
  • What Albert Einstein believed about the intuitive self
  • How one man rose beyond his physical incapacity to do something extraordinary
  • Why living an extraordinary life is your birthright
  • The essence of a morning practice and how you can embrace it more fully in your life
  • How an encounter with mentalist Uri Gellar awakened my life
How to Change Your Life When You’re Stuck

How to Change Your Life When You’re Stuck

3 Insights to Help You Gain Freedom from those
Moments that Hold Your Life Back


As a transformational life coach, business coach, intuitive guide and energy healer, one of the most common patterns I see present with my clients is that of being stuck.

When we are stuck and being limited by an unconscious block or pattern it can seem like nothing in our lives is working. In fact it is often said that the “only different between a rut and a grave is the depth”, and while this statement may seem confronting for many, the reality is that energetically anything or anyone that is not growing, moving forward or realising its full potential, will at some level of consciousness be energetically dying, retreating and stagnating.

So, if these patterns of being ‘stuck’ and ‘inner-conflict’ are so common
how do we break-free and realise our true destiny?

How do we find the awareness, courage and insight to bring harmony and balance back to our being and allow our true energy, passion and vitality to flow again?

Well, here are some powerful insights and strategies to help you gain greater awareness of what might be holding you back, and at the same time lead you towards creating greater freedom in your life or business.


1 : What ‘Type of Stuck’ You Are Experiencing?

While all feelings of being stuck, held back or feeling blocked carry similar energetic traits, not all types of ‘stuck patterns’ are the same. Therefore, it helps to pay attention and gain greater awareness of the ‘type of stuck’ that you are experiencing in the moment. Here are just a few of the main one’s I have often seen presenting in clients and my own life.


A.      Beliefs, Fear Patterns and Limiting Decisions

Have you ever seen a fly that has found itself stuck inside a room and then desperately seeks to escape via a closed window? If so, you’ll understand the consequence of limiting belief systems, fear patterns and limiting decisions.

Often characterised by an ‘upper limit’ problem or glass ceiling many of these patterns are unconscious and serve to keep us separated from our truth. Often run by the ego, they tend to manifest as patterns of protection, control or survival.

The key to freedom here is to identify the ego-based pattern or limitation, release it, and then install a more empowering pattern that is based on your soul truth, spirit and true being.


B.      Core Choice and Indecision Points

Many times, we can simply find ourselves stuck because we have reached a critical decision or choice point in our lives. Resonant of the image of a ‘fork in the road’, when we have two or more alternatives, it can be difficult leaving what we have known in the past, in order to embrace a new future.

However, these soul-defining points are critical for our soul’s progress and offer us the greatest opportunities for transformation and growth. The key here is to learn to make these decisions based on the courage, strength and certainty of our higher self, not from the place of our fear-based ego or scared inner-child.


C.      Conflicts in Values Between our Spirit and Ego

Those who have been on a spiritual or personal growth quest will know those moments where we need to choose between our ego-based needs/desires/fears, and the calling of our true spirit.

For example, we may find ourselves desiring to make more money, but find ourselves in conflict with another part of ourselves that fears if we had too much money people might not love or accept us anymore.

While many believe we must get rid of the ego in order to be free, the truth is that our ego serves an important purpose in our lives, especially when it is aligned and working for us. It is therefore in learning how to have our ego and spirit work together that we can create great strides in our personal and professional progress.


D.      End of a Cycle or Season

Sometimes we may find ourselves at the end of a season or cycle in our lives that brings us to a point of uncertainty. In these moments it can seem like what we held dear in the past is gone, and yet the new is still to arrive. These voids or plateaus in our lives offer an incredible opportunity for growth, refocusing and alignment.

In the voids of our lives we are being challenged to look deeper into our soul for what is trying to manifest. Like a newly planted seed, we may have to look under the covers to discover the growth and opportunity that awaits us. And sometimes we also will need to call on our patience as we wait out the gestation period, paying attention to the new growth and ways of being that are about to sprout.


2 : Change Your Paradigm

Often changing our ‘stuck’ or ‘blocked states’ simply requires a paradigm shift in our thinking and perception. Here are just a few shifts that you might consider making:


A.      Sometimes we Need to Change Who We Are

There is an interesting story in the bible of Moses who was leading the Israelites out of slavery from Egypt, into the promised land. After many years of wandering the desert, an angel came down to Moses and the Israelites and said, “It’s time to leave this mountain”. Up until that point they had spent years going around in circles due to the old belief systems that they refused to let go of.

In many ways, the Israelites need for certainty and security convinced them that slavery might in fact be a better option than walking through a desert to find their freedom.

The key here was that the promised land was less than 100km away. So, while Moses was trying to get the Israelites out of Egypt, somehow, he couldn’t get Egypt (the past) out of the Israelites and this is what kept them stuck.

 To create a new destiny, we will be called to release our past, and change the way we choose to see ourselves.


B.      Honour Your Confusion

Have you ever found yourself in a place where you were confused?

Each of us are highly intuitive beings. In each moment we are receiving incredible guidance. So why then do we find ourselves in states where we become stuck?

The key is to realise that confusion is often the result of our heart trying to give us a message that our mind or brain does not understand. It’s in these moments that we need to stop struggling and instead, go inside, speak to our heart’s wise and innate intelligence and discover what it is trying to tell us.

C.      Find the Blessing in Your Stuck State

Every behaviour or emotional pattern at its core is trying to serve or help us in some way. Therefore, even your ‘stuck state’ holds a gift and blessing for you, if you would find the courage to go within, seek awareness, and fully discover its highest intent for your life.

So, take a moment to simply ask:

  • What is the highest intent or purpose of this feeling stuck? How is it serving me?
  • What am I concerned would happen if it were no longer a problem?


3 : Key Insights for a Break-Through When You’re Stuck

Here are 5 insights that will help you navigate your way out of ego, fear and being stuck, and help create the environment and freedom for you to thrive:


A.      Simply Move

It’s often difficult to ‘think our way’ out of a stuck state, because many of our ‘stuck patterns’ are held physically or energetically in our bodies.

Therefore, the greatest gift you can give yourself when you find yourself stuck is to simply move! Go for a run, go do some yoga, go for a walk and get some fresh air or go for a swim at the beach.

Movement has the power of getting us out of the head, and freeing our energy to flow again, and it is often in our times of movement that we receive our greatest breakthroughs and inspirations.

B.      Make a Choice

If you’ve found yourself at a cross-road, then it’s time to get over analysis-paralysis and simply make a choice. After all, sitting on the fence will only give you splinters!

However, we’ve been conditioned in life to think that when we make choices there are ‘good choices’ and ‘bad choices’, success or failure. However, in any situation the worst thing you can do is make no choice. By learning to let go of your attachment to the outcome and entering your heart space you will begin to ‘feel’ which one of your choices appears the most appropriate for you now.

C.      Unpack Your Consciousness

If you find yourself going around in circles, then it may be time to unload and unpack your consciousness. While the mind is a powerful tool for helping us make analytical decisions, when it comes to trust, movement and creativity, it comes second to the heart.

Therefore, if you find yourself overwhelmed mentally, get a notebook and simply write all your feelings, thoughts, stories, decisions – and allow them to be unpacked onto the page in-front of you. This process is a little like closing all the open application windows on your PC at home. Its about getting back to a fresh screen with nothing being held on it.

Then simply close your notebook and go to sleep on the problem or issue that you have in mind. Many solutions to great problems were discovered during or after the sleep state. Therefore, you might even want to seed your consciousness with a question you would like your subconscious to answer as you sleep.

D.      Go Play

Yes, that’s right. I want you to go out and play!

While this strategy may seem contradictory to the outcome you are trying to achieve, have you ever noticed that as a child, the moment you engaged play in your life, it freed you to become more creative, more open and more resourceful?

There is something magical when we enter a state of play. We let go of all expectations. We become present in the moment. We let go of forcing things to happen and being tied to an outcome.

And it’s usually in these moments that our soul and spirit have the capacity to weave their magic and show us new pathways to freedom, providence and happiness.

E.       Seek Wise Counsel

I know first-hand how frustrating it can be to be stuck in our own world. As a therapist, coach and healer myself, it can be hard working on our ‘own stuff’ because we are so attached to it. While we may think we have all the tools, and have read all the books, there still comes a times when we need to seek outside help and wise counsel.

That’s why I surround myself with practitioners I resonate with and respect. People I can turn to when I need wise counsel or need to bounce something important off them.

While our ego’s might convince us that we can do it ourselves, that we’ll handle it. The reality is that when something is not working in our lives, and we keep hitting brick walls, its time to call out for help.

A wise counsel can often help you get through and navigate your stuck states more effectively, therefore freeing you to do and experience the work and life that you were truly created to live.

Les Price is a transformational life and business coach, author, speaker, intuitive and healer. If you feel you have been holding onto limiting patterns, emotions, feeling and blockages from the past that no longer serve you, and are looking for a safe environment to allow greater freedom and liberation into your life – contact our office to organise a consultation with Les.

Embracing Courage in Uncertainty

Embracing Courage in Uncertainty

5 Lessons in Embracing Courage from The Greatest Showman Movie


I’ve just returned from the Christmas summer holidays inspired by many of the great movies released at this time. Somehow, there’s nothing like Hollywood’s ability to take a story and weave it into a compelling and insightful learning experience, and movie that really moved my soul was The Greatest Showman, a musical extravaganza based loosely on the life of P.T. Barnum, the legendary ‘father of show business’.

Championed by Australian ‘triple threat’ singer, actor and dancer, Hugh JackmanThe Greatest Showman was a project, 7 years in the making. A musical adventure with a compelling and catchy score that had some powerful lessons on embracing greater courage, resilience and self-acceptance.

No matter whether we’re in the field of business and need to promote ourselves (like P.T. Barnum) or we’re just looking to find our creative dreams passions and live more fully in our light, COURAGE and SELF-BELIEF are the cornerstones to great success.

Courage Lesson #1:
At Some Point We’re All Called to Step into the Centre of the Ring

  • What is it holds must people back from fully standing in their light?
  • What is it often stops us from accepting ourselves and having the courage to shine bright?

Prior to the making of The Greatest Showman movie the producers gathered all the lead singers, musical writers, actors and chorus for a workshop in New York City to pitch their musical concept to the executives of Fox Studios.

In one of these workshop sessions, Tony nominee and 13 year Broadway veteran, Keala Settle was called on to sing the key musical number and anthem for the movie, This is Me. However, having never appeared in a movie production before, and having only heard the song performed by another legendary singer, Keala’s nerves got the best of her. More so, she was even afraid to step out from behind the music stand and sing in front of the chorus and Fox Executives.

In fact it was only when director, Michael Gracey said to her “Keala, you HAVE TO step out from behind the stand, and walk into the centre of the (circus) ring”, that she managed to summon the courage to do so.

Take a look at this inspiring rendition of the song and this liberating workshop performance here:

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XLFEvHWD_NE[/embedyt]

At some point in our lives we are all called to ‘step beyond boundaries of our comfort zones’ and step fully into the ring. For its often only here in the centre, when we cast away our fears, when we let go of what others may think of us, that we truly get to let our light shine bright.

So where in your life is COURAGE now calling you forth to ‘Step into the Ring’?

Courage Lesson #2:
Embrace the Power of Difference

  • How much of our ordinary lives is spent trying to fit in and conform to other people’s expectations?

P.T Barnum knew that the key to standing-out in the world was being different. Rather than trying to blend in with the status quo. In fact, one of the most pertinent lines in the movie and its trailer is when Jackman, as P.T. Barnum says …

“No one ever made a difference by being like everyone else”

In many ways P.T. Barnum was the Elon Musk and the Steve Jobs of the 1800’s, often challenging the status quo of conventional beliefs and using imagination, creativity and sometimes even sleight of mouth to create new levels of interest and curiosity in his shows.

While modern society conventionally tries to get us all to fit in, be accepted and follow the tribal rules of our families, cultures and education system, its often those that don’t fit in that are becoming the real change agents and transformational leaders of our time.

The key then is: To find the courage to live your own authentic life, in alignment with your highest values and principles, in a way that makes a greater difference to yourself, your family and your world.

Courage Lesson #3:
We Need to Let Go of Past Conditioning and Tribal Patterns that Limit Us

  • What really holds you back from living and creating the life you deserve?
  • What beliefs, patterns and limitations hold back the true creative essence of your soul?
  • Who would you be without the limiting perceptions of your past?

Set in the mid 1800’s The Greatest Showman shows a world in which status differences between the rich and the poor, haves and the have not’s, the beautiful and the oddities has never been more complex and divisive.

While as a society we have moved in leaps and bounds in healing some of this segregation, the reality remains that for many of us we continue to hold onto the residual patterns of scarcity, insufficiency, not being good or worthy enough, or having to conform in society from our ancestors and our past.

Finding COURAGE to live our own lives and define a destiny that tells us that we are free, we are empowered and we are capable of realising our dreams and desires can therefore often be challenging.

It’s not surprising that in many of my one-on-one coaching, healing and guidance sessions with clients that they find themselves coming up against blocks from the past, that are holding them back from being all they can be in this lifetime.

Creating our best lives now, therefore call on us all to not only reach for the guidance of our own higher-selves, but to also find courage to release and free ourselves from the conditioning and patterns of our past (ancestral, DNA, past-life, this life) that will help set us free into the lives we were truly born to live.

Courage Lesson #4:
What if ‘We Rewrite the Stars’?

There’s a great segment within The Greatest Showman where Zac Efron, who plays the role of thtries to theatrical writer Phillip Carlyle, tries to convince trapeze artist Anne Wheeler (played by Zendaya) that it’s ok for her to leave her past behind, and that together they can literally “Rewrite the Stars”.

It’s a really touching and well-choreographed scene that sees literally both of them floating through the air on a trapeze rope, in an endless of dance of separation, then connection and finally separation.

But Zac’s calling to Zendaya is not wasted on us all … for literally in each moment of our lives we are being given the opportunity to “rewrite our own stars”. While each of us are actors in our own life movie, through free will, decision and choice we have the incredible power to reshape and redirect our own lives.

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H6oBaTN4PIM[/embedyt]

Q. So, what is it that keeps us from “rewriting our own stars” of “recreating our life stories the way we want them to be”?

A. Fear. Limiting beliefs. Not believing its possible. Not feeling we’re worthy of more. Not accepting our own true power and presence. Are just a few of the answers that come to mind.

However, COURAGE call on us to be more. Calls on us to take the pen of life in our hands and rewrite the scripts of our lives for those parts where we feel we are stuck, a victim, powerless, helpless, or defeated.

  • Can you imagine an Oprah Winfrey who did not choose to rewrite her stars as a child?
  • Can you imagine a Barack Obama who did not consider rewriting what might be possible for a coloured man in America?
  • Can you imagine a Nelson Mandela who did not choose to rewrite his stars on being released after 27 years in prison?

Courage Lesson #5:
Focus on Making a Difference – Not on Acceptance

  • Ever noticed that some of the world’s greatest leaders were once considered heretics?

Often in life we can fall into the trap of limiting our results and outcomes by seeking to be accepted by others, rather than truly reaching for what we know in our heart’s and soul’s is possible.

In Australia we even have a term for this, ‘The Tall Poppy Syndrome’. The social paradigm where once somebody becomes successful and begins to ‘stand out from the crowd’ there is the conscious and unconscious desire of those around to ‘cut them down’ and literally bring them down to size.

  • So, how then as visionary creators and leaders can we choose to stand in our own light?
  • How can we learn to embrace and embody our gifts, talents and abilities in ways that bring joy, happiness and fulfilment to many?

P.T. Barnum was well known for his ability to promote and market himself and his shows with BOLDNESS and AUDACITY, two traits that fundamental to the life of the COURAGEOUS LEADER.


Why Embracing Courage in Uncertainty Matters

I believe that Barnum understood that the flowers in the field never try to compare themselves, or limit their growth based on the flowers around them. Instead they simply shine bright and reach to fulfill their innate natural potential. If that means they have the capacity to become a 5ft sunflower in a field of smaller daisies, then so be it. Every flower has a divine potential and purpose to fulfill, a natural path to the complete expression of their authentic presence.

Leaders know that there is always risk involved in ‘stepping into the centre of the ring’, especially when one is at the head of the pack expanding their presence in areas that have not been tackled before.

COURAGE therefore calls on us to listen to the voice of our own soul. To live to our highest potential and not be put-down, shut-down or limited by the voices of the masses who do not understand the power of our own authentic heart. The moment therefore we change our focus to making a difference (and away from our need to be loved and accepted) magic happens. We become alive in the spirited warrior who knows that their time on Earth is limited and that COURAGE is the doorway to manifesting the change that they came here to create.

Les Price is a transformational life and business coach, author, speaker, intuitive and healer. If you feel you have been holding onto limiting patterns, emotions, feeling and blockages from the past that no longer serve you, and are looking for a safe environment to allow greater freedom and liberation into your life – contact our office to organise a consultation with Les.

When Loving Relationships End

When Loving Relationships End

Have you ever experienced a relationship ending?

No matter whether it’s between friends, lovers, family members, siblings or work colleagues, the ending of a soul based relationship with someone we love and care for, can be heart wrenching and soul defining.


My life can be summed up in three accounts:

I was raw.
I was cooked.
I was burned.

 – Rumi –

Just this last week, I experienced a breakup with a close friend whom I have known for over 7 years. It was one of those things that started as a small misunderstanding, and ended up becoming an all-consuming grass fire that eventually devoured the relationship within its own breath. It was not a pretty site … especially for someone who prides himself on having a high level of emotional intelligence.

While the beginning and ending of soul level relationships can be the most defining moments in our lives, they also have the capacity to evoke some of the most important personal lessons that we need to learn as human beings.


So in reflecting on my experiences over the last week …
here’s my take on the 8 lessons I’ve started to learn:


1)      The Good Never Disappears

As I contemplated my own situation, feeling as though 7 years of shared experiences, happiness, experience, feelings and connectedness had suddenly been wiped away overnight, my higher guidance started to chime in. It began to remind me, that while we may perceive ‘everything as lost’, that the good that we contribute both consciously and unconsciously to our relationships is never lost.

In the world of physics, we know that energy is never lost, it simply changes form. The good news is that in the spiritual realm, all of our good deeds, experiences, contributions and love never disappears. Instead it is accumulated in the form of grace. A spiritual bank account that serves as the foundation of our true character, and from which we can draw hope, strength and courage in our future moments of need.

Therefore, we are reminded to acknowledge the good that we have done, the laughter that we have shared, and the experiences that brought delight to the hearts of those we have loved.


2)      One Day We’ll All Be the One In the Box

Towards the end of last week, I had the privilege to attend the funeral of an uncle who recently passed away. It was a wonderful celebration of a life well lived. However, as I listened to the eulogy of this great man, and deepened my understanding of the impact he had left in the world, I couldn’t help but contemplate that one day we will all reach the same place. One day we’ll all be the one in the box.

As a platform medium I know too well the grief and loss that people suffer and go through when a loved one passes. Yet the knowing that we will all die someday provides us all with a very relevant and grounding perspective from which to evaluate our lives.

So, as I sat looking at that casket, I realised that all of the my need to be right, all the feelings of hurt, loss and grief – were just not worth carrying anymore. Because one day we will all be the one in the box, and in the greater scheme of life – carrying our ego’s baggage to the grave just ain’t worth it.


3)      Feel Your Feelings Fully

As a transformational coach, hypnotherapist, intuitive and healer I’ve seen first-hand how we human beings love to keep our feelings and emotions hidden.  Sometimes we will do anything to run away from fully feeling our deepest emotions, from indulging in alcohol, to drugs, to binge eating, to having to take prescription medication.

However, often these very emotions that we run away and hide from are the very ones that will teach us our greatest lessons. Instead of being the little boy who stands in a pile of freshly made doggy-doo and then puts a sock over it to pretend it didn’t exist, maybe what we most need is to seek the support, help and love of those around us that can help us move through our feelings, process them, gain the lessons and then help us wash them away and let them go.


4)      Sometimes We Just Have to Change the Water

I’ve been recently looking after a friend’s house on the Mornington Peninsula. An avid gardener and creative she had left me some celery, spinach and lettuce cuttings in a jug of water in the kitchen. Only problem was when I finally came to use them, all of the water in the jug had gone bad and needed to be replaced.

Sometimes our relationships in life can be the same. While we may be comfortable with the current situation or circumstances, the actual water and spirit that brings our relationships alive has gone stagnant. What we need in those circumstances is a change of water, a change of scenery or a change of environment. Failing to create change and flow, means that what we once considered stable and safe, may soon become stagnant and old. Life requires life. Flow requires flow. Love requires Love.


5)      Soul Relationships Are Our Greatest Teachers

It’s no coincidence that the breakups and rejections we feel the most are usually with those we value the most. All of us have agreed and brought people into our lives to be the actors and mirrors that teach us our greatest life lessons. Some will come to teach us resilience, others how to love ourselves unconditionally, while those who frustrate us most may be teaching us lessons of patience and understanding.

The key to healing in these relationships is to have the courage and willingness to look beyond the others person’s behaviour in the physical, even if we don’t fully understand their motives, or why they decided to breakup with us, and to instead seek to view our lives from the source of our true spirit – our higher selves. Often, we will then see that what we thought was troubling us, was not the situation or person themselves, but the perspective from which we were looking at it. We will discover that the real challenge is not in the situation itself, but in our attitude towards it.


6)      Search for the Moments of Blessing

Have you ever woken up one day only to find yourself constantly being reminded of your partner’s shortcomings, issues and weaknesses rather than what initially attracted you to them in the first place?

When the relationships we value end it can be easy to focus on the loss, to get caught in disappointment and lost in resentment. After all, we feel justified in seeing that we were wronged at the mercy and benefit of the other.

But what if we could just stop for a moment and ask
“What is love seeking for me to understand and know in this moment?”

Maybe we might just find that in the depth of our despair, sorrow and grieving exists the doorway to our greatest destiny and soul lesson. Maybe we might just discover that our soul has planned this divine dance with the other all along – and that now is the time to surrender and release our attachment to the entire experience to higher source, and to trust that in finding the blessings in this moment, something even better will unfold for all involved.


7)      We May Never Understand – But We Can Still Choose to Love

From personal experience this insight is often the hardest. Because while we may not ever know the reasons why someone acted a certain way, decided to leave us or failed to love us in the way we expected, we still have within us the power to decide whether we will choose to play the role of the victim or the creator.

While time eventually heals all wounds, it takes courage and self-awareness to have the capacity to simply let go of our ego’s need to know why someone acted the way they did.

It’ often said that “Resentment is the poison we drink hoping that the other person will die”.

And in this light, we come to understand that the more we hold onto the pain, grief, anger and resentment, the more we suffer ourselves.

In each moment we have the capacity to invite love back into our hearts. To surrender the old and allow the new to enter. But just as you cannot fit new clothes into a wardrobe that has already been filled, so too we need to make room in our hearts for grace, love and a new dawn to re-enter.


8)      Seek the Help You Need

Whichever way we look at it – as human beings we need other people. From the moment we are born, to the moment we take our last breath our lives revolve around the relationships that we hold most dear to our heart. It’s why the High School Musical hit says it so well – “We’re all in this together!”.

Asking and seeking the help we need when relationships go south is never easy, especially for us men who often find it hard to speak up, share our feelings and to enter states of vulnerability. Yet that is exactly what we need to do to move through the darkness and to find the breaking of the new dawn that so desperately seeks to find us once more.

We also now know that unresolved emotion creates energetic blockages, leads to tremendous shifts in hormonal imbalance, creates inflammation and eventually can lead to dis-ease.

Therefore, self-nurturing and self-care is fundamental on the road to rebuilding our lives again. Which is why this week alone I’ve already booked in a Reiki healing session, am seeing a dear friend for some one-on-one coaching and counselling, am getting back into my running and yoga practice. And yes, I might even head into the gym and hit the punching bag just to knock out any last elements of anger, resentment and hurt!


So in Summary …

Just as we live in a world of seasons, so too every relationship will go through its springs, its winters, autumns and summers. Some seeds planted will shrivel, while others will sprout and prosper, based on the environment, conditions and nurturing that we provide. Some gardens will grow and flourish, while others will close. How we choose to embrace each of these experiences is entirely up to us.

If there is anything I’ve learnt from the experience of the last week, is that I am blessed to have such loving family and friends in my life. Each of them is the reflection of who I am at the essence of my soul. Each of them is a reflection of the relationship that I have with myself.

And so even in the midst of relationship turmoil I am being shown and mirrored in some way to work deeper on building the unconditional love, self-acceptance and self-worth of myself.

In all ways, even in the depth of our greatest hurt, there is a light that is always burning within, the source of our great spirit that says “I love you”, “You are more than enough” and “This too shall pass.”


Les Price is a transformational life and business coach, hypnotherapist, intuitive, medium and healer. If you feel you have been holding onto limiting patterns, emotions, feeling and blockages from the past that no longer serve you, and are looking for a safe environment to allow greater freedom and liberation into your life – contact our office to organise a consultation with Les.

Activating the Power of Yes in Your Life [Episode 6]

Activating the Power of Yes in Your Life [Episode 6]

Does One Word Have the Power to Change Your Life?

“If someone offers you an amazing opportunity, but you are not sure you can do it,
say ‘YES’ – then learn how to do it later.”
~Sir Richard Branson

In this special podcast edition we explore how activating the word “Yes” has the potential to create lasting and significant change in your life.

Discover the pathway to manifesting greater levels of personal flow, prosperity, happiness and purposefulness now …

Les Price is a transformational coach, intuitive healer, speaker and author. As a thought leader in human potential, he works with aspiring individuals, businesses and organisations globally to help them expand their influence and realise their goals in an enlightened and visionary way.

Ready to elevate your life, results and energy to a new level?

The language we use has an incredible power to influence and direct the nature of our lives. Not surprisingly since the moment we were born it is more than likely that we have been conditioned to hear the word ‘No’ more times than we were ever acknowledged or affirmed with the word ‘Yes’.

The frequency and energy of the word ‘Yes’ has the ability to open many doors and opportunities in our lives. Embodying and embracing this simplest of words on a daily basis can lay the pathway for attracting and creating what you really want, while at the same time making you magnetic to new possibilities, people, places and events that resonate with you highest good.


In this episode of the Leading in the Light Podcast, Les shares:

  • How language and the words we use direct the course of our lives
  • Some of the latest research from UCLA on positive programming and conditioning
  • How you may be unconsciously saying ‘No’ to your highest good
  • How the brain’s chemistry, neurology and vigilance centre are impacted by saying ‘Yes’
  • How to shift your energy and frequency to align with what you really want
  • How to open to a miracle consciousness in your own life through ‘Yes’
  • How to take the leap and flow fully into your highest good
  • Why ‘Yes’ could be the most powerful word in the English language
How to Create an Iconic Life

How to Create an Iconic Life

What is it that inspires men and women to climb mountains?

What is it that so engaged Sir Edmund Hillary to ascend the peak of Everest and that still moves hundreds more people each year to do the same?

Could it be that deep within our own soul and spirit is an in inevitable need to conquer, to rise above challenges and to find the courage to overcome our greatest fears and shine?

Just recently I had the awe-filled opportunity of fulfilling one of my ‘bucket list’ items by climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge. It was an amazing experience, which I would highly recommend to anyone. Not only were the views from the top amazing, but the history of how the bridge was made, the lives that were lost during its construction and the craftsmanship that went into creating one of the world’s most iconic structures was simply captivating.

And it made me wonder …

“Why is it that so few people ever get to build or create an iconic life –
a life of greatness that inspires people long after their time on Earth is complete?”

Reaching New Levels of Greatness

Reaching new levels of greatness is something that we are all inherently here to experience in our own way. Often this means facing our inner-shadow, that aspect of us would love to keep us playing small, shrinking in our presence and conforming to the expectations of our peers. Yet that Is not who we were divinely crafted to be!

We each have been uniquely designed, formed and had life breathed into us for the purpose of fulfilling our soul’s inner most mission and purpose at this time. We are each here to be just as iconic, confident and magnificent in our presence as the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

A Few Insights to Inspire Your Personal Journey

Here are just a few insights to help inspire your personal and professional journey:

1)      Create Something Iconic

Regardless which way you look at it the Sydney Harbour Bridge is iconic. It is a sign of greatness. The vision of some great thinkers, visionaries and influencers who could see well into the future and wanted to create something that would stand out in history even today more than 85 years after its opening in 1932.

There were close to 6 million iron rivets that had to be heated in fire by hand and then manually beaten into place. There were even thousands of granite panels hand carved specifically for north and south pylons with each being cut to such exact perfection that none of them had to be re-cut.

Every day we are being called to do something great in our own lives. We are being encouraged to not just play small – but to live iconic. While standing out in a crowd might not be easy, the path of every purpose-driven leader will inspire them to lead from the front and break away from the crowd. The time of conformity is over. The new era of opportunity will go to those who have the courage to follow their own heart and march to the beat of their own drum.


2)      Live Fully from Your Vision

It’s funny to consider that at the opening of Sydney Harbour Bridge there were only around 80 or so registered vehicles in NSW. Yet the engineers and designers had the vision to consider the life of the bridge and the growth of the automobile well into the future, so much so, that they would design it capable of having 8 lanes as well as railway and pedestrian access.

What was created to have a lifetime of 100 years now looks like it may last much longer than what was initially expected.

Vision is powerful. Vision is inspirational. Vision has the capacity to build bridges
between heart and mind in ways where miracles can take place.

So today consider the vision that you have set for your life. How alive is it in your imagination? How engaging and inspiring is it? Does it move you? Does it bring you to tears of gratitude?

If not, then it may be time to plug in a ‘light globe’ that moves you to do, act and become more.


3)      Flow Activates Creative Power and Presence

Every act of creation was at some stage first preceded by a creative vision.

Creativity requires us to access and harness states of flow and grace. But how do we do this when our lives have become so full with ‘doing’?

The thing that impressed me most about Sydney’s Bridge Climb experienced was how systemised and organised the whole experience was from the moment we arrived to the moment we handed in our customer feedback. Every aspect of the business had been though about and streamlined from getting jump suits, to being harnessed to experiencing the climb on a simulator before climbing the real thing.

Systemisation and organisation creates flow. Flow leads to increased ease and a deeper trusting of our own unconscious creative experience. And it often here where we have let go of our need to control that our greatest work comes forth.

While taking time out to be present, mindful and create balance in our lives will always be important, it is when we actively create states of flow and systemisation (habit) in our life that we can be freed from the doing, to fully focus on the being


4)      Follow Your Desire to Conquer

Human beings have been finding ways to solve problems and redesign their destinies for centuries, At the heart of all creative pursuit has been a desire to solve new problems in even greater ways, and it is this pursuit to literally ‘conquer’ our environment that makes us a unique species on Earth.

Now can you imagine for a moment the challenges that engineers and designers of the Sydney Harbour Bridge would have faced in the 1920’s and early 30’s as they proceeded to take their vision from paper to reality?

Great problems always lead to great questions being asked and eventually
to even greater solutions if we have the courage, foresight and resilience to stay the path.

So, what obstacles and challenges are being presented to you in life right now? How would conquering these lead you to new levels of being and operating in the world?

Remember your soul is always growing. And its search to express the greatest aspects of who you are it will challenge you with great problems. For it is only when we rise above, when we are able to lift our head above the bar that we can be filled with the hope of possibility. And what we believe is possible can be achieved.


5)      Build Something Great that You Would Be Proud Of

Take a look at any early 18th century or 19th century architecture from churches to government buildings to museums and you will notice that the craftsmen and women of that past took great pride in their work. Stonemasons who worked relentless hours in often dusty and confined spaces still took the time to ensure that all of their pieces produced were ‘absolutely perfect’ – so perfect in fact that none had to be re-cut.

The standards that we define for our lives set the benchmark
for the results that we will ultimately produce.

While it’s not hard to be outstanding in most fields of endeavour, sadly so few people ever take the time and energy these days to become true masters of their craft.

Dedicating yourself even one hour a day to learning, developing and growing your skills and abilities in any field of endeavour can help to position you more closely as an expert in your field. Building an iconic life means setting your eyes on a greater vision for your life, business, relationships or career and then committing oneself to taking small steps towards building something great.

Remember, icons are not afraid to stand out in a crowd – and this is good news. Because each of us was created differently, with a unique range of skills, talents and abilities. We don’t have to fit in any more. You have absolute permission to be yourself and to be unique and different in the world. As Oscar Wilde once said “Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken!”.