How to Trust Your Intuition and Higher Guidance

How to Trust Your Intuition and Higher Guidance

How can we learn to trust and believe in our inner-guidance?

Whether we realise it or not, each of us has an incredible intuitive power and presence that is guiding us in each moment.
So, why then do so many people struggle to connect with and trust themselves?

Awakening Your Intuitive Presence

As a transformational coach, energy healer and intuitive I’ve now been helping people awaken and open their own intuitive channels for over 20 years. What I’ve noticed in that time is that there are some key practices, insights and ways of being that can truly enhance our ability to receive, trust and connect with our inner-guidance.

The result is that the more we learn to trust in our own insight, wisdom and guidance, the greater the flow, grace and ease that we experience in life. Now, that doesn’t always mean we’re going to live a life without problems or challenges. On the contrary, many of our problems and challenges are in fact ‘divine gifts’ that encourage us to dig deep within ourselves for the strength and resources to overcome them. In many ways our greatest problems also become our greatest teachers. Yet that doesn’t mean you have to resign to a life of striving, struggle and hardship.

Instead, when we learn to trust and follow the inner-guidance of our heart, soul and spirit in each moment we awaken a greater consciousness and energy within ourselves. We open our heart energy to becoming a vessel for greater guidance and inspiration, and in doing so we are encouraged to take steps of courage, faith and confidence in aligning the lives that we really want to create and realise at this time.

7 Insights from The Power of Intuitive Flow Training

Here are 7 insights from our beginner level Power of Intuitive Flow Training, our 7 week course for helping activate and engage your own intuitive intelligence, that will help you to begin to open to trusting and following your intuition more deeply.


Key #1: Intuition Speaks to You on Many Levels

While we all have access to a great intuitive power, the voice of intuition can often be subtle, a little like tuning into a radio station for the first time in the dark. It takes practice, discernment and trust.

So, as you begin to awaken to your own intuitive energy it is helpful to know that not everyone receives guidance in the same way. In fact, there are often 4 main channels that your intuition may be communicating with you in each moment:

  •  Auditory: Through an inner-voice or dialogue.
  •  Kinaesthetically: Through feelings and impressions
  •  Visually: Through images and symbolic guidance that you receive mentally
  •  Cognizance: Clear knowing and understanding that is just impressed upon you

If you’ve ever walked into a room or building and just felt that the environment was not safe, or that something was not right, then you’ll already be familiar with your emphatic or feeling intuition, which is often activated in moments of flight or fright, when we need our survival and protection instinct.

While you have one predominant channel that you work with, with the right training and development you can learn to awaken and activate your other channels in unison for greater intuitive flow and guidance.


Key #2:  Accessing Your True Knowing

Many years ago, when I was working the United Kingdom I had an insight to go and do a course in Laredo, Texas. The calling was so strong that I booked a ticket and hopped on the next plane.

The only problem was that at the time the company I was working for were still processing my working visa in the UK, which meant that there was the possibility that I would not be able to re-enter the country and would be deported on my return. Yet all along something inside of me just ‘knew’ I needed to go and that I would be taken care of. That everything would work out ok.

  • Have you ever just known that something was not right?
  • Have you ever just had a feeling you needed to call a friend?
  • Have you ever just known that you needed that you needed to continue with a path of action?

Our belief in ourselves is fundamental when developing intuition. And there is no greater belief than a sense of ‘knowing’ a deep inner-feeling that we are right, that we need to do something, or take some form of action.

So take a moment now and simply reflect back on a moment or experience when you had a deep sense of knowing, and you trusted and followed that. What did it feel like? Where did you feel it? How did your body, soul, spirit and mind let you know that you were right?

Key #3:  Move from Your Head to the Heart

Often when we are in the live Power of Intuitive Flow training I get my students to pay attention to where their inner-energy flows when they are connecting with their intuition.

Far too often because of our left-brained centric education systems we have forgotten how to connect with our heart, feelings and true sense of knowing, and so the energy often goes back up to our heads where we attempt to ‘think the solution to the answer’.

The problem is with this that the moment we end up back in the head, we have often already lost and negated the first initial energy or impression from our heart that was trying to guide us in the first place!

Therefore, the moment you find yourself going back to the head to try and find or think a solution it’s time to draw your energy and focus back to your heart.

Key #4: Open Your Inner-Senses

In expanding your intuition, you will need to learn to open your inner-senses, not just your external senses.

One of the most critical points that we focus on in our training is the centre of the throat (throat chakra) or point of communication, self-will and expression in the world. Developing this primary energy centre is essential if we are going to find our voice in the world and learn to express ourselves and our intuitive impressions and guidance. Most significantly this centre along with the solar plexus need to be opened and developed to allow you to feel and receive inner-guidance.

The more you work embracing exercises to open the throat energy centre, you will also begin further clearing and awakening the intuitive channels to your own clairaudience, which governs your ability to receive verbal guidance and messages from your higher-self and intuition.

Key #5:       Learn to Ask Better Quality Questions

The key to receiving quality guidance from your intuition is to get better at asking higher quality questions. The questions that we ask ourselves on a daily basis determine the quality of our lives.

Therefore, for intuitive questioning to be valuable we need to learn to ask questions that are:

a) Specific – Clear and with one focus
b) Objective – Are not loaded with our own bias or expectation
c) Grounded in a Higher Perspective – That seek the highest truth for all involved

For example:

  • Instead of asking “Where do I find my ideal relationship? ask “What do I need to know in order to open myself to the perfect divine relationship?”
  • Instead of asking “How can I create more money?” ask “How can I allow greater abundance and prosperity to flow in my life?”
  • Instead of asking “What decision or choice do I now need to make?” ask “What choice will bring me greater joy, aliveness and happiness?”


Key #6: Build Your Self-Esteem

Listening and following our intuition and inner-guidance implies a need for great trust. Trust in our own wisdom. Trust in our higher intelligence. Trust in our connection to source.

In the same way that a lighthouse must have a firm and solid foundation in order to do its highest work of shining its light, so too, your soul and spirit require a firm foundation and base of self-esteem and self-efficacy in order to operate at their highest potential.

When we believe in ourselves, and see ourselves as worthy of guidance and insight, then our guidance and insights grow and develop. A healthy self-esteem also means that you will have much greater courage and belief in yourself to act on higher guidance when it presents.

How do we build this base of courage, self-belief and esteem?
We can start first by reflecting on all the moments in our life where we received guidance or inspiration an acted upon it. Reflecting on these moments will help you create the physiological state of trust that is required to enact and enable your intuitive presence and power.


Key #7:  Take Inspired Action

Intuition is not a one-way street. It is an intricate cycle of asking, receiving, accepting, trusting and acting.

Therefore, the more we learn to trust and ACT on our intuitive messages and guidance the more that our intuition develops, and the greater the trust that we have in it.

Learning to act on your intuition will imply a level of needing to take risk and step our of your comfort zone. In the beginning you may ask for guidance and take action, only to find that what you initially acted on did not work. It is important in these times not to give up. But to take this onboard as a learning experience.

Start to monitor your body’s feelings and signals of confirmation that you are on the right track. It may be as simple as an opening of energy in your gut area, or a light shiver that goes down your back, or a simple sense of knowing and confidence that originates in your heart. The more that you pay attention to these signals, the more you take risks and act on your guidance, the greater your opportunity to grow, evolve and become a channel for intuitive grace and presence.

It is through inspired and intuitive action that our highest lives are formed.


Ready to take Your Intuitive Abilities to the Next Level?

At The Greatness Connection we run regular intuitive development programs to help you connect, access and follow your intuition. The Power of Intuitive Flow training is an engaging and interactive 7 week course based on 21 principles of intuition that will help you learn to develop greater trust, rapport and confidence in yourself, and provide you with a pathway for transforming and healing your life, business or professional life. Best of all the course is delivered as both live training as well as completely online as a self-paced learning program.

For more details make sure to check out the online training program here and details of the next live training here.

When Loving Relationships End

When Loving Relationships End

Have you ever experienced a relationship ending?

No matter whether it’s between friends, lovers, family members, siblings or work colleagues, the ending of a soul based relationship with someone we love and care for, can be heart wrenching and soul defining.


My life can be summed up in three accounts:

I was raw.
I was cooked.
I was burned.

 – Rumi –

Just this last week, I experienced a breakup with a close friend whom I have known for over 7 years. It was one of those things that started as a small misunderstanding, and ended up becoming an all-consuming grass fire that eventually devoured the relationship within its own breath. It was not a pretty site … especially for someone who prides himself on having a high level of emotional intelligence.

While the beginning and ending of soul level relationships can be the most defining moments in our lives, they also have the capacity to evoke some of the most important personal lessons that we need to learn as human beings.


So in reflecting on my experiences over the last week …
here’s my take on the 8 lessons I’ve started to learn:


1)      The Good Never Disappears

As I contemplated my own situation, feeling as though 7 years of shared experiences, happiness, experience, feelings and connectedness had suddenly been wiped away overnight, my higher guidance started to chime in. It began to remind me, that while we may perceive ‘everything as lost’, that the good that we contribute both consciously and unconsciously to our relationships is never lost.

In the world of physics, we know that energy is never lost, it simply changes form. The good news is that in the spiritual realm, all of our good deeds, experiences, contributions and love never disappears. Instead it is accumulated in the form of grace. A spiritual bank account that serves as the foundation of our true character, and from which we can draw hope, strength and courage in our future moments of need.

Therefore, we are reminded to acknowledge the good that we have done, the laughter that we have shared, and the experiences that brought delight to the hearts of those we have loved.


2)      One Day We’ll All Be the One In the Box

Towards the end of last week, I had the privilege to attend the funeral of an uncle who recently passed away. It was a wonderful celebration of a life well lived. However, as I listened to the eulogy of this great man, and deepened my understanding of the impact he had left in the world, I couldn’t help but contemplate that one day we will all reach the same place. One day we’ll all be the one in the box.

As a platform medium I know too well the grief and loss that people suffer and go through when a loved one passes. Yet the knowing that we will all die someday provides us all with a very relevant and grounding perspective from which to evaluate our lives.

So, as I sat looking at that casket, I realised that all of the my need to be right, all the feelings of hurt, loss and grief – were just not worth carrying anymore. Because one day we will all be the one in the box, and in the greater scheme of life – carrying our ego’s baggage to the grave just ain’t worth it.


3)      Feel Your Feelings Fully

As a transformational coach, hypnotherapist, intuitive and healer I’ve seen first-hand how we human beings love to keep our feelings and emotions hidden.  Sometimes we will do anything to run away from fully feeling our deepest emotions, from indulging in alcohol, to drugs, to binge eating, to having to take prescription medication.

However, often these very emotions that we run away and hide from are the very ones that will teach us our greatest lessons. Instead of being the little boy who stands in a pile of freshly made doggy-doo and then puts a sock over it to pretend it didn’t exist, maybe what we most need is to seek the support, help and love of those around us that can help us move through our feelings, process them, gain the lessons and then help us wash them away and let them go.


4)      Sometimes We Just Have to Change the Water

I’ve been recently looking after a friend’s house on the Mornington Peninsula. An avid gardener and creative she had left me some celery, spinach and lettuce cuttings in a jug of water in the kitchen. Only problem was when I finally came to use them, all of the water in the jug had gone bad and needed to be replaced.

Sometimes our relationships in life can be the same. While we may be comfortable with the current situation or circumstances, the actual water and spirit that brings our relationships alive has gone stagnant. What we need in those circumstances is a change of water, a change of scenery or a change of environment. Failing to create change and flow, means that what we once considered stable and safe, may soon become stagnant and old. Life requires life. Flow requires flow. Love requires Love.


5)      Soul Relationships Are Our Greatest Teachers

It’s no coincidence that the breakups and rejections we feel the most are usually with those we value the most. All of us have agreed and brought people into our lives to be the actors and mirrors that teach us our greatest life lessons. Some will come to teach us resilience, others how to love ourselves unconditionally, while those who frustrate us most may be teaching us lessons of patience and understanding.

The key to healing in these relationships is to have the courage and willingness to look beyond the others person’s behaviour in the physical, even if we don’t fully understand their motives, or why they decided to breakup with us, and to instead seek to view our lives from the source of our true spirit – our higher selves. Often, we will then see that what we thought was troubling us, was not the situation or person themselves, but the perspective from which we were looking at it. We will discover that the real challenge is not in the situation itself, but in our attitude towards it.


6)      Search for the Moments of Blessing

Have you ever woken up one day only to find yourself constantly being reminded of your partner’s shortcomings, issues and weaknesses rather than what initially attracted you to them in the first place?

When the relationships we value end it can be easy to focus on the loss, to get caught in disappointment and lost in resentment. After all, we feel justified in seeing that we were wronged at the mercy and benefit of the other.

But what if we could just stop for a moment and ask
“What is love seeking for me to understand and know in this moment?”

Maybe we might just find that in the depth of our despair, sorrow and grieving exists the doorway to our greatest destiny and soul lesson. Maybe we might just discover that our soul has planned this divine dance with the other all along – and that now is the time to surrender and release our attachment to the entire experience to higher source, and to trust that in finding the blessings in this moment, something even better will unfold for all involved.


7)      We May Never Understand – But We Can Still Choose to Love

From personal experience this insight is often the hardest. Because while we may not ever know the reasons why someone acted a certain way, decided to leave us or failed to love us in the way we expected, we still have within us the power to decide whether we will choose to play the role of the victim or the creator.

While time eventually heals all wounds, it takes courage and self-awareness to have the capacity to simply let go of our ego’s need to know why someone acted the way they did.

It’ often said that “Resentment is the poison we drink hoping that the other person will die”.

And in this light, we come to understand that the more we hold onto the pain, grief, anger and resentment, the more we suffer ourselves.

In each moment we have the capacity to invite love back into our hearts. To surrender the old and allow the new to enter. But just as you cannot fit new clothes into a wardrobe that has already been filled, so too we need to make room in our hearts for grace, love and a new dawn to re-enter.


8)      Seek the Help You Need

Whichever way we look at it – as human beings we need other people. From the moment we are born, to the moment we take our last breath our lives revolve around the relationships that we hold most dear to our heart. It’s why the High School Musical hit says it so well – “We’re all in this together!”.

Asking and seeking the help we need when relationships go south is never easy, especially for us men who often find it hard to speak up, share our feelings and to enter states of vulnerability. Yet that is exactly what we need to do to move through the darkness and to find the breaking of the new dawn that so desperately seeks to find us once more.

We also now know that unresolved emotion creates energetic blockages, leads to tremendous shifts in hormonal imbalance, creates inflammation and eventually can lead to dis-ease.

Therefore, self-nurturing and self-care is fundamental on the road to rebuilding our lives again. Which is why this week alone I’ve already booked in a Reiki healing session, am seeing a dear friend for some one-on-one coaching and counselling, am getting back into my running and yoga practice. And yes, I might even head into the gym and hit the punching bag just to knock out any last elements of anger, resentment and hurt!


So in Summary …

Just as we live in a world of seasons, so too every relationship will go through its springs, its winters, autumns and summers. Some seeds planted will shrivel, while others will sprout and prosper, based on the environment, conditions and nurturing that we provide. Some gardens will grow and flourish, while others will close. How we choose to embrace each of these experiences is entirely up to us.

If there is anything I’ve learnt from the experience of the last week, is that I am blessed to have such loving family and friends in my life. Each of them is the reflection of who I am at the essence of my soul. Each of them is a reflection of the relationship that I have with myself.

And so even in the midst of relationship turmoil I am being shown and mirrored in some way to work deeper on building the unconditional love, self-acceptance and self-worth of myself.

In all ways, even in the depth of our greatest hurt, there is a light that is always burning within, the source of our great spirit that says “I love you”, “You are more than enough” and “This too shall pass.”


Les Price is a transformational life and business coach, hypnotherapist, intuitive, medium and healer. If you feel you have been holding onto limiting patterns, emotions, feeling and blockages from the past that no longer serve you, and are looking for a safe environment to allow greater freedom and liberation into your life – contact our office to organise a consultation with Les.

7 Keys for Activating Your Soul Path and Purpose

7 Keys for Activating Your Soul Path and Purpose

What does it take to create real fulfillment in life?

One of my favorite inspirational quotes would have to be from American philosopher, theologian and educator Howard Thurman.

“Don’t ask what the world needs. As what makes you come alive,
and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”

In finding our own path to greatness, each of us will be confronted by choices and decisions in life. It’s in the moments of choice and decision that our true destiny is shaped. Yet what is it that exists beneath the surface of our consciousness that directs our thoughts, actions and behaviors on a daily basis?

Activating Your Soul Path

At a soul level, you incarnated to share your gifts, to grow, develop and expand. In many ways you are really here to share your true authentic essence with the world in a way that best utilises your skills, gifts, talents and abilities. Sadly, though many people are still disconnected from this energy and intent in their daily lives, instead settling for a life that does not fill them with joy or bring them fully alive.

Changing your life, requires a change in perspective. If at any level you are unhappy with the results that you are experiencing in an area of life, then it is time for a ‘makeover’. However, this inner-transformation needs to first start with a shift in the consciousness that has been producing the results that you ‘don’t want’.

In my own coaching sessions and life experience I have found that there are now increasing numbers of people who feel lost and uncertain of their life and career direction. This is not something that is uncommon, in fact it is often a wake-up call from your soul guiding you to explore what you ‘really want in life’.

Here are my 7 tips for creating greater levels of joy, happiness and meaning in life …


1)      Be Kind to Yourself

Have you noticed that we are often are very own best and worst critics? Our own carving for self-acceptance and love means that we often put undue pressure on ourselves to perform and to meet expectations that simply unreasonable.

The first act of self-love is self-acceptance, an unconditional and unwavering commitment to loving yourself and being kind to yourself, regardless of what has or has not happened in your life. Doing this means that we first need to forgive and release ourselves from past failures, mistakes and upsets. It means recognising that everything in life is a learning experience, an opportunity for our souls to grow, elevate and expand.

Core Questions:

  • Where am I being too hard on myself?
  • How do I need to forgive myself and release myself from past mistakes, failures and upsets?

2)      What Do You Really Desire?

Desires are messages from the soul that are guiding you to awaken more of your innate potential. The key however comes in the form of discernment, that is, being able to decipher what it is that YOU really want, as compared to what is driven by the external expectations of others.

To access this level of energy means allowing your consciousness to drop into the heart space. While your head may want the big glorious mansion house with an outdoor pool and ocean view, your heart may be wanting to find its own retreat space in a beautiful cabin in the hills.

Being able to listen intently to your heart’s true desires is the key to lasting fulfilment.

Core Questions:

  • What dreams have I given up on or put on the shelf?
  • If I had a magic wand what would I most want to change, shift or improve in my life?
  • What does my soul REALLY desire right now?

3)      Step Fully into the Presence of Your Unlimited Being

Living fully and on purpose begins with a state of being. You have already experienced moments in your life where you were so intently alive that time seemed to slip by. In these moments of being fully connected with your source you may have even felt that an even greater energy was flowing through you.

We were born to live in harmony with our true essence, because it is here at the core of our being when we are in alignment with our spirit that real magic happens.

A question that I have found useful in helping guide students to a fuller understanding of this energy is something I learned from relationship and dating expert Marni Battista.

“Who am I being when I am experiencing unabashed joy in my life?”

It’s a great question that will help you connect more deeply with what brings you fully alive (your soul essence). I know that personally for me, I am living fully on purpose when I am speaking and engaging an audience, when I am writing and sharing higher sacred wisdom or when I am facilitating people to bring out their inner-greatness.

Core Questions:

  • Who am I being when I am experiencing unabashed joy in my life?

4)      Discover Your Awesome

I’ve just recently been reading a great book by inspirational author and coach Jon Acuff called Start. At the heart of this book is a simple shift in consciousness from being average – to awesome.

The reality is that we were not created to lead lives of mediocrity. We were each uniquely crafted with an inner-gift, a resource and way of being that brings light, joy and happiness into our lives.

So how do we make the transition from average to awesome, by simply reflecting and noticing the moments where you feel fully alive in life. For some people this may be when they are preparing and baking a lasagne at home, for others it might be in the purposefulness that they bring to creative project that is inspired into life from nothingness.

Acknowledging and appreciating even the smallest moments where you ‘do good’, where you ‘feel fully alive’, where you experience the presence off being truly ‘awe-filled’ will help liberate your life.

And what do you do when you’ve found these precious moments? Do more of them, because whatever brings you fully alive is a vital part of your soul’s journey and presence. However it just may be that you have not made it important enough on your list of values.

Core Questions:

  • What’s most important to you in life? What brings you fully alive?
  • Where do you display your greatest ‘sense of awesome’?

5)      Expand Your Presence in the World

Presence is the energetic field of potentiality that encompasses your true being. In any moment you are more than capable of creating miracles in your life. The key is to realise your power, activate it and then allow it to guide you through your intuition to the people, places and events that are in alignment with your intentions.

Expanding your presence begins with a shift in consciousness. It begins by first realising that who you are is more than your body, more than your thoughts and more than your feelings. You are in fact an eternal and unlimited being with the capacity to create magic in your own life and the life of others.

Your presence is an essential part of your character. Not everyone has presence, yet everyone can nurture and develop this charisma or energy in their own life by first beginning to see and acknowledge themselves as they really are – whole, perfect and complete.

Core Questions:

  • What would be possible for my life if there were no limits?
  • Who would I not be afraid to be?
  • What unique gift, energy or vibration would I want to bring to every interaction I make with others? (see if you can define this intent and energy in one word)

6)      Accept Your Essential Truth

At the soul level, you already know what you want, who you are and why you are here. The key however is in allowing your conscious mind to step out of the way, beyond fear and limitation to accept your essential truth.

You can only accept your essential truth when you are willing to own and accept all parts of yourself, the good, the bad and the ugly. The greater your levels of self-acceptance and self-appreciation the greater your willingness to be your authentic self.

Authenticity is courageous. It implies that in dropping our masks we can allow ourselves to be seen fully and completely. In the midst of our greatest vulnerability is also our greatest strength.

Core Questions:

  • What am I concerned would happen if I was to drop my masks and simply be my authentic self?
  • What is the essential truth at the core of my being?

7)      Trust Your Intuitive Guidance

Finding your true purpose and soul essence is a journey – not a destination. When the student is willing to stop, turn within and ask their own higher guidance for direction, then direction comes when one is willing to listen.

This is a process of surrender. A means to stripping back the layers to allow the great wisdom that has always been within you to arise to the surface. While you may research your options and ask others for guidance and advice, at the end of the day every decision defines and shapes the course of your life.

Therefore, every step and every action holds within it the seed of great potential and possibility.

In learning to listen and attune to your soul’s inner wisdom and guidance you begin to awaken new levels of being in the world. You begin the journey home to recognising and accepting the great intuitive being that has and always will be within you. Accepting your power and ability to channel this with grace, love and significance is the first step to leading a more enlightened, purposeful and meaningful life.

Core Questions:

  • Where does my soul guide me today?
  • What is the next action I need to take that would create greater levels of joy, happiness, abundance and peace in my life?
  • How can I serve and make a difference in an even greater way?


Are you looking to expand your presence, potential and influence in the world? Are you longing to connect more closely with your own sense of purpose and desire to experience greater levels of flow, happiness, joy and ease?

Les Price is a transformational coach, healer and intuitive who has been working in the fields of personal, spiritual and professional development for over 20 years. If you’re ready to take your life, business and vision to a new level of being then contact our office today to organise your complimentary 20 minute coaching discovery session with Les.

Understanding Archetypes: The Hidden Forces that Shape Our Lives [Episode 4]

Understanding Archetypes: The Hidden Forces that Shape Our Lives [Episode 4]

How Archetypes Direct and Influence the Course of Our Lives

The contents of the collective unconscious are archetypes.
Primordial images that reflect basic patterns that are common to us all,
and which have existed since the dawn of time.
~Jung’s Concept of the Collective Unconscious


In this week’s Podcast I had the privilege of spending time with archetypal chart reader, healer and intuitive – Barbara Stone, where we explored the effects that these often hidden and unconscious energies have on the path of our lives, and how we can ultimately find courage to listen to the true voice of our hearts.


Barb has now been working in the field of alternative health, healing and spiritual development for over 40 years. Initially starting her journey studying lay psychology and doing crisis phone counselling work, Barb later went on to learn Reiki which helped activate her natural intuitive and psychic potential.

Along the way she had the privilege of work with many great teachers, where she extended her practice into the fields of Seichim, NLP, Cutting the Ties that Bind, Energy Anatomy, Archetypes, Astrology, Thought Field Therapy, Emotional Freedom Technique, Pranic Healing, Bowen Therapy, Neuro Structural Integration Technique, flower essences, Tarot and Meditation. However, her main work over the last 20 years has been in the field of Archetypes and understanding the often hidden and subtle influences that often play out in our lives.

Having initially studied the work with Dr. Caroline Myss, Barb has now gone on to cast over 20,000 + charts/ readings for her clients. Helping them gain the guidance, direction and self-empowerment that they have needed to fully thrive in their lives. She now lives in The Basin, on the outskirts of Melbourne, Australia with her new partner, and is blessed to have 3 wonderful adult children, and 9 magnificent grandchildren. .

Discover how these universal energies and unconscious patterns
directly influence the nature of our lives.

In this fascinating podcast interview we discuss and explore the concept of Archetypes, the universal energies and patterns that seem to play out in our lives. While some of these archetypes are believed to be present in every person, many of them play out and influence our lives in diverse ways as we progress on our life and soul journey.

By learning to identify and understand these patterns we can finally learn to consciously evolve our thinking and feeling to become more empowered, present and vital in our lives. Instead of reacting to the tribal forces at play we can develop the consciousness and awareness that helps us to regain our power, and make choices and decisions that are aligned with the truth of our hearts.

The result is that we become the hero and heroine of our own lives – vital and self-sufficient travellers who can embrace the courage to adjust our sails and live the lives we were truly born to live.


In this conversation we talk about:

  • What archetypes really are and how their influence plays out in our lives
  • The three key addictions that keep modern society from realising their full potential
  • The four levels of consciousness and how we can ascend to greater levels of awareness
  • The role that the heart and intuition have in bringing us back to our true states of being
  • Why trust, self-love and self-respect are critical if we are going to progress in our lives
  • How archetypes often play out in our personal relationships
  • The empowerment of women and the impact that it is having on men and relationships
  • The hero’s journey and how we are all being called to step into our light and lead
Core Transformation: Finding Your Way Back to Wholeness [Episode 3]

Core Transformation: Finding Your Way Back to Wholeness [Episode 3]

Finding Your Way Back to Wholeness

It often takes a crisis to break through our usual models of the world.
A crisis is a gift, an opportunity, and perhaps a manifestation that life loves us,
beckoning us to go beyond the dance we presently perform.
Leslie Lebeau

In this week’s Podcast I had the wonderful opportunity to speak intimately with coach, trainer and NLP practitioner Blazenka Krasey on what it really takes to ‘return to wholeness’ and create lasting transformation in our lives.

Blazenka has been at forefront of the personal growth and development movement for over 15 years.

Originally born in Croatia she described her own childhood as having been ‘magical’. However, at the age of 10 her family decided to migrate to Melbourne Australia, and while on the outside this new change brought about a greater level of abundance into her life, on the inside her self-confidence and identity began to fall apart.

And it was because of this that she began her own healing journey – an inner search to find a way out of the pain, and to restore wholeness back into her own life.

A journey that led her to discover Core Transformation, a unique healing process that helps people return to their source, release limiting emotions that may be holding then back and create lives of greater joy, happiness and fulfillment.

Discover how to return to your core and find the wellspring within!

For over 15 years  coach, trainer and NLP practitioner, Blazenka Krasey has been helping her clients find their own way back to wholeness and fulfillment. Having studied with some of the great teachers and masters of our time including Tony Robbins, Marisa Peer and Dr. John Demartini, Blazenka now specialises in the Core Transformation Process, a unique and tool for transformational healing developed by Connirae and Tamara Andreas that helps people return to their core and in the process free themselves from the limiting patterns and emotions that often hold them back.


In this conversation we talk about:

  • The Core Transformation Process and how it helps people to release limiting emotions and patterns
  • How to return to and access your own core states
  • Why some people stop themselves from fully accepting their light and magnifience
  • How to create a spiritual practice of acceptance, gratitude and awareness that frees your soul
  • Why pain is often an essential element in the holistic healing model
  • How to create greater states of acceptance and awareness with your emotional states
  • How to reconnect at a deeper level with the true essence of who you really are
  • Why everyone at this time needs to find their sovereignty, essence and core states