Episode 12 – Expanding Into Your Extraordinary Self

Episode 12 – Expanding Into Your Extraordinary Self

Discover the Path to Awakening Your Highest Self

“God’s greatest gift to you is your unlimited potential.
Your greatest gift to God is use that potential to the fullest.”
James Arthur Ray
What does it take to fully step into your extraordinary self?
How do we tap into the other 99% of our extraordinary potential?
How can we awaken our innate potential and live the life we were uniquely crafted to live?


In this episode of the Leading in the Light Podcast we begin a short mini-series exploring what it takes to move beyond ‘Ordinary’ and to experience the ‘Extraordinary’ self within that is waiting to unfold. We’ll share the four key elements of the ‘Godicle Theory’ to help you tap into a greater consciousness and access the other 99% of the potentiality that is waiting for you. And we’ll share 5 key principles for helping you rise beyond fear, limitation and the status quo to connect more fully with your spirit and become the person you were destined to be.

About Les Price

Les Price is a transformational coach, intuitive healer, professional speaker and published author who has been helping aspiring individuals, business owners and leaders create greater levels of success and fulfillment for over twenty years.

At the tender age of 8 Les discovered that there was a ‘hidden magic’ and potential within all of us.. Since then he has been on an enduring quest to help even more people find their path and awaken and their own personal, professional and spiritual potential.

Les is based in Melbourne, Australia, and is director of The Greatness Connection, a peak-performance consultancy that assists companies, businesses and aspiring leaders to realise their goals in an enlightened and visionary way.


In this session Les speaks about:

  • The 5 step path to awakening more of your divine greatness
  • The essence of the ‘Godicle Theory’ and how it can awaken your life
  • How to rise beyond fear, doubt and limitation to discover your true potential
  • Why connecting with a greater consciousness is so important at this time
  • What Albert Einstein believed about the intuitive self
  • How one man rose beyond his physical incapacity to do something extraordinary
  • Why living an extraordinary life is your birthright
  • The essence of a morning practice and how you can embrace it more fully in your life
  • How an encounter with mentalist Uri Gellar awakened my life
Activating the Power of Yes in Your Life [Episode 6]

Activating the Power of Yes in Your Life [Episode 6]

Does One Word Have the Power to Change Your Life?

“If someone offers you an amazing opportunity, but you are not sure you can do it,
say ‘YES’ – then learn how to do it later.”
~Sir Richard Branson

In this special podcast edition we explore how activating the word “Yes” has the potential to create lasting and significant change in your life.

Discover the pathway to manifesting greater levels of personal flow, prosperity, happiness and purposefulness now …

Les Price is a transformational coach, intuitive healer, speaker and author. As a thought leader in human potential, he works with aspiring individuals, businesses and organisations globally to help them expand their influence and realise their goals in an enlightened and visionary way.

Ready to elevate your life, results and energy to a new level?

The language we use has an incredible power to influence and direct the nature of our lives. Not surprisingly since the moment we were born it is more than likely that we have been conditioned to hear the word ‘No’ more times than we were ever acknowledged or affirmed with the word ‘Yes’.

The frequency and energy of the word ‘Yes’ has the ability to open many doors and opportunities in our lives. Embodying and embracing this simplest of words on a daily basis can lay the pathway for attracting and creating what you really want, while at the same time making you magnetic to new possibilities, people, places and events that resonate with you highest good.


In this episode of the Leading in the Light Podcast, Les shares:

  • How language and the words we use direct the course of our lives
  • Some of the latest research from UCLA on positive programming and conditioning
  • How you may be unconsciously saying ‘No’ to your highest good
  • How the brain’s chemistry, neurology and vigilance centre are impacted by saying ‘Yes’
  • How to shift your energy and frequency to align with what you really want
  • How to open to a miracle consciousness in your own life through ‘Yes’
  • How to take the leap and flow fully into your highest good
  • Why ‘Yes’ could be the most powerful word in the English language
How to Create an Iconic Life

How to Create an Iconic Life

What is it that inspires men and women to climb mountains?

What is it that so engaged Sir Edmund Hillary to ascend the peak of Everest and that still moves hundreds more people each year to do the same?

Could it be that deep within our own soul and spirit is an in inevitable need to conquer, to rise above challenges and to find the courage to overcome our greatest fears and shine?

Just recently I had the awe-filled opportunity of fulfilling one of my ‘bucket list’ items by climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge. It was an amazing experience, which I would highly recommend to anyone. Not only were the views from the top amazing, but the history of how the bridge was made, the lives that were lost during its construction and the craftsmanship that went into creating one of the world’s most iconic structures was simply captivating.

And it made me wonder …

“Why is it that so few people ever get to build or create an iconic life –
a life of greatness that inspires people long after their time on Earth is complete?”

Reaching New Levels of Greatness

Reaching new levels of greatness is something that we are all inherently here to experience in our own way. Often this means facing our inner-shadow, that aspect of us would love to keep us playing small, shrinking in our presence and conforming to the expectations of our peers. Yet that Is not who we were divinely crafted to be!

We each have been uniquely designed, formed and had life breathed into us for the purpose of fulfilling our soul’s inner most mission and purpose at this time. We are each here to be just as iconic, confident and magnificent in our presence as the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

A Few Insights to Inspire Your Personal Journey

Here are just a few insights to help inspire your personal and professional journey:

1)      Create Something Iconic

Regardless which way you look at it the Sydney Harbour Bridge is iconic. It is a sign of greatness. The vision of some great thinkers, visionaries and influencers who could see well into the future and wanted to create something that would stand out in history even today more than 85 years after its opening in 1932.

There were close to 6 million iron rivets that had to be heated in fire by hand and then manually beaten into place. There were even thousands of granite panels hand carved specifically for north and south pylons with each being cut to such exact perfection that none of them had to be re-cut.

Every day we are being called to do something great in our own lives. We are being encouraged to not just play small – but to live iconic. While standing out in a crowd might not be easy, the path of every purpose-driven leader will inspire them to lead from the front and break away from the crowd. The time of conformity is over. The new era of opportunity will go to those who have the courage to follow their own heart and march to the beat of their own drum.


2)      Live Fully from Your Vision

It’s funny to consider that at the opening of Sydney Harbour Bridge there were only around 80 or so registered vehicles in NSW. Yet the engineers and designers had the vision to consider the life of the bridge and the growth of the automobile well into the future, so much so, that they would design it capable of having 8 lanes as well as railway and pedestrian access.

What was created to have a lifetime of 100 years now looks like it may last much longer than what was initially expected.

Vision is powerful. Vision is inspirational. Vision has the capacity to build bridges
between heart and mind in ways where miracles can take place.

So today consider the vision that you have set for your life. How alive is it in your imagination? How engaging and inspiring is it? Does it move you? Does it bring you to tears of gratitude?

If not, then it may be time to plug in a ‘light globe’ that moves you to do, act and become more.


3)      Flow Activates Creative Power and Presence

Every act of creation was at some stage first preceded by a creative vision.

Creativity requires us to access and harness states of flow and grace. But how do we do this when our lives have become so full with ‘doing’?

The thing that impressed me most about Sydney’s Bridge Climb experienced was how systemised and organised the whole experience was from the moment we arrived to the moment we handed in our customer feedback. Every aspect of the business had been though about and streamlined from getting jump suits, to being harnessed to experiencing the climb on a simulator before climbing the real thing.

Systemisation and organisation creates flow. Flow leads to increased ease and a deeper trusting of our own unconscious creative experience. And it often here where we have let go of our need to control that our greatest work comes forth.

While taking time out to be present, mindful and create balance in our lives will always be important, it is when we actively create states of flow and systemisation (habit) in our life that we can be freed from the doing, to fully focus on the being


4)      Follow Your Desire to Conquer

Human beings have been finding ways to solve problems and redesign their destinies for centuries, At the heart of all creative pursuit has been a desire to solve new problems in even greater ways, and it is this pursuit to literally ‘conquer’ our environment that makes us a unique species on Earth.

Now can you imagine for a moment the challenges that engineers and designers of the Sydney Harbour Bridge would have faced in the 1920’s and early 30’s as they proceeded to take their vision from paper to reality?

Great problems always lead to great questions being asked and eventually
to even greater solutions if we have the courage, foresight and resilience to stay the path.

So, what obstacles and challenges are being presented to you in life right now? How would conquering these lead you to new levels of being and operating in the world?

Remember your soul is always growing. And its search to express the greatest aspects of who you are it will challenge you with great problems. For it is only when we rise above, when we are able to lift our head above the bar that we can be filled with the hope of possibility. And what we believe is possible can be achieved.


5)      Build Something Great that You Would Be Proud Of

Take a look at any early 18th century or 19th century architecture from churches to government buildings to museums and you will notice that the craftsmen and women of that past took great pride in their work. Stonemasons who worked relentless hours in often dusty and confined spaces still took the time to ensure that all of their pieces produced were ‘absolutely perfect’ – so perfect in fact that none had to be re-cut.

The standards that we define for our lives set the benchmark
for the results that we will ultimately produce.

While it’s not hard to be outstanding in most fields of endeavour, sadly so few people ever take the time and energy these days to become true masters of their craft.

Dedicating yourself even one hour a day to learning, developing and growing your skills and abilities in any field of endeavour can help to position you more closely as an expert in your field. Building an iconic life means setting your eyes on a greater vision for your life, business, relationships or career and then committing oneself to taking small steps towards building something great.

Remember, icons are not afraid to stand out in a crowd – and this is good news. Because each of us was created differently, with a unique range of skills, talents and abilities. We don’t have to fit in any more. You have absolute permission to be yourself and to be unique and different in the world. As Oscar Wilde once said “Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken!”.

Pay it Forward – A Simple Way to Make a Big Difference

Pay it Forward – A Simple Way to Make a Big Difference

Have you ever come across the concept of ‘Paying it Forward’?

This morning, while sitting in one of my favourite cafés in the heart of Melbourne, a young man celebrating his birthday decided to give the owner of the shop $15 and said “Here, I’d like to pay for the coffee for the next 3 people who come up to you”.

Now, I must admit I have long been familiar with the concept of ‘Paying it Forward’, especially after the 2001 drama movie of the same name that tells the story of a young boy Trevor McKinney who for his junior high social studies class creates a plan for literally “paying forward” favours.

It’s an interesting concept … after all can sowing one good seed
that makes a difference in one person’s life capable of making a significant difference?

While some might argue that making small gestures or random acts of kindness has no real impact, the field of science, quantum physics and chaos theory is starting to show that we are all interconnected and woven into a seamless web of consciousness, where even the most subtle and smallest of changes has the capacity to make a greater difference in our lives and the world around us.

The Butterfly Effect

Often considered or known as the Butterfly Effect this aspect of chaos provides the basis for understanding how small changes in our lives and the conditions around us can often lead to even bigger shifts in our environment. In many ways, a butterfly flapping its wings in Texas may have the capacity to directly impact atmospheric conditions in Japan.

So how did the Butterfly Effect and Paying it Forward collide for me in that little coffee shop in Degreaves Lane, Melbourne?

What I Discovered this Morning …

Well, as I sat there I watched in amusement as customer after customer approached the café takeaway window only to be told that some kind hearted 20 year old who was having a birthday had decided to shout them their next coffee … and here’s what I really noticed:

1.  It made people instantly feel good about themselves

In a world where there is so much uncertainty, fear and where our humanity can often be questioned, this once act instantly made people feel better about themselves, and the world around them. You could literally see them walk away feeling a sense of ‘wow’. What a kind and heartless thing to do.

2. It created a state of gratitude

Gratitude is a powerful energy that awakens our soul and reminds us who we REALLY are. Random acts of kindness have the ability to awaken this innate longing to be loved and accepted in all of us. One coffee bought in advance for another not only elevate the state of the person receiving it, but also made the barista feel good about himself.

3. It reminded people of what is most important in life

I’ve often said that when we die our lives will be reviewed and evaluated not based on what material possessions we were able to accumulate, or what amount of money we had in our bank accounts.

Instead the most enriching moments will be those where we made a difference in the lives of others. Can you imagine that young 20 year old looking back at his life after passing and reviewing that one moment and the look and feeling on the faces of those people he was able to touch? How magical and empowering.

4. It made a difference

This morning reminded me of the metaphorical story of the young girl on the beach throwing starfish back into the ocean one at a time. When questioned why she was doing it, especially whene there were thousands of starfish stranded on the beach, she promptly replied “Because it made a difference to that one!”.

5. It helped radically shift the frequency and vibration of the people involved

From the barista, to the receiver, to little ol’ me sitting in the corner seat of the cafe, this one gesture of gratitude shifted our lives. After all, here I am blogging about it today 24 hours after witnessing an unconditional act of kindness. We all want to feel good and valued in our lives – paying it forward certainly enables and equips us to do that!

So what’s the take-away?

We don’t have to change the whole world. But we can make a small difference to one person today. We can use our life as a gift of illumination that leaves this world a slightly better place and share our light in a way that significantly impacts others.

This morning, I walked away humbled by the actions of a young 20 year old man … so much that it led to me writing and sharing this blog post!

Next week is my birthday, and you guessed it, I’ll be back to that little coffee shop and be handing over a sum of money to the barista to “pay it forward” in coffee. What a great way to celebrate being alive and having the gift of life. With a bit of luck, it might also become a regular birthday custom.

Try it out yourself. You may not get to see the results like I did today, but one thing is for sure – it will make a difference!

Unleashing Your Natural Brilliance

Unleashing Your Natural Brilliance

Following the Soul-Centred Path to Greatness

I’m not sure if you had an opportunity to catch the performance of 12 year old Beau Dermott on the opening night of this seasons Britain’s Got Talent… But if not I highly recommend taking a look now …

One of the greatest benefits of reality television is that its allowed a new generation of talent to emerge and be recognised for their innate gifts. In many ways the lawyers who leave their jobs to pursue a career in food, the buskers who give up everything to seek out there one shot at making it in the world are all just archetypes for the greater energy that is pervading our consciousness at this time.

At some level we are all being encouraged to find our own authentic path,
to utilise our innate gifts and to stand out in the world

Our deep inner-quest for meaning and purpose in our lives means that on so many levels our souls will not be happy until we truly listen to and follow the calling of heart, and summon within ourselves the courage to shine.

So what can we learn from this inspiring new generation of talent like Beau. Well, here are 3 questions to help awaken your potential:

1.       What’s my platform?

What’s the stage or platform where you do your greatest work? In what situations or environments are you filled with passion, purpose and connection?

All of us have areas and environments in our lives where we naturally flow. Where we feel like time stops still and a greater purpose and power flows through us. In these moments we are fully connected and present, and we find ourselves reaching beyond the limitations of our own experiences to become more, experience more and enjoy more. Just like Beau, in these authentic moments our true spirit has the capacity to shine.

Find your platform and you will also find your authentic voice and spirit.

2.       How do I get out of my own way and allow my true self to shine?

Watch Beau’s performance and you will notice a moment just after Simon Cowell’s acknowledgement for her to start, as the camera pans away from the large theatre view and zooms back in on her when her whole posture, facial expressions and energy changes. Gone is the timid and airy 12 year girl and instead there is an energy of a very mature, professional and experienced stage artist.

All of us are being called at some level of our being to let go of the fears, limitations and doubts of our past. The moment that we choose to stand in our light and power something incredible begins to happen. It’s almost as if a boldness, authority and power that has never been there begins to arise.

As adults our great challenge is to let go of our past perceptions, past judgements and fully love and embrace the amazing being that we are. Boldness embodies courage, and in the midst of that courage and strength we find the power to become the masters of our own lives.

3.       How do I need to defy gravity in my own life and business?

On the path towards creating greater levels of success we all experience energies, environments and people that can bring us down.

While there are certain laws of the universe (such as gravity) which we are unable to change, there also many situations that we do have power over. Using your free-will to choose in favour of your destiny, dreams and highest ideals is the one of the greatest powers that you have. Best of all it is already in your own hands.

A mentor of mine calls this ‘chasing the chi’ i.e. hunting down the true experiences, places and people that give your life energy and make you feel fully alive.

Asking the following questions will also help you create greater levels of personal energy:

So where do you need to commit more fully to your dreams? Where are you being called to channel your highest work in a way that creates greater change on the planet? What could you truly do if you realised that beyond the heaviness of other people’s negativity and opinions was a space for you to leave your mark and create your legacy in this life?

I believe there is a lot to learn from this new generation of children who are finding out early that its ok to follow your own path, trust your instincts and leave your mark in the world.

Like to discover how to unleash your own inner-brilliance? I’ve just launched my new book
Awakening the Heart of Business: 7 Visionary Steps for Creating a Purpose-Driven Business that Thrives!
Discover more here …