Do I have a clear and compelling purpose for my life?

Am I receiving what I am truly worth?

Is my energy flowing clearly towards my goals?

Am I doing what I love and living on-purpose?

Is fear and limitation holding me back?

Am I attracting the right people, places and opportunities?

Transformational Coaching and Facilitation

In life and business we often need the wise counsel of a trusted ear to help us gain the clarity, insight and wisdom required to make empowered and enlightened choices in our lives.

In the moments that we find ourselves procrastinating, self-sabotaging our success or just unsure of what the next step to take is a good coach can help you reconnect with your own sense of purpose and power, and help you find the courage and clarity to take purposeful action towards the realisation of your personal, professional or business goals and aspirations.

Les has been actively coaching individuals, business owners and executives now for over 20 years.

With an extensive background in business, corporate management, personal counselling, coaching, hypnotherapy and emotional healing, Les’ work bridges the gap between personal empowerment and professional mastery, enabling clients to not only gain a deeper insight into the often unconscious or hidden patterns that sabotage their success, but also provides them a pathway to gaining the freedom they truly desire.

As an intuitive Les can also provide deep and meaningful guidance to help clients resolve underlying problems, find their own intuitive answers and develop a greater levels of self-awareness, empowerment and purpose in their lives and businesses.

A Light in the Darkness

As a transformational coach and facilitator Les helps empower people and organisations to discover new ways to of connecting with their innate potential so they can liberate their best work into the world.

However, the path to success is not always paved with roses. Often we are confronted with obstacles, challenges and emotional chaos that can take our attention away from the purpose at hand. It’s in these situations that we often need a guide to help us reconnect with our true power and find our own way back to certainty, empowerment and clarity.

In navigating our own “hero’s journey” we develop the resilience and strength to understand that we are much more powerful than we give ourselves credit for. We discover that we are the masters of our own lives, and that as leaders we have the potential to reshape and redirect the path of our lives, businesses and world.

Gain Valuable Healing, Insight and Guidance to
Help You Live and Enjoy a More Fulfilling Life Now

If you’re at a crossroads in your life or business, are facing obstacles or challenges, or just need a sounding board and non-judgmental guidance to help you move forward then intuitive coaching program with Les can help you:


  • Gain valuable guidance, clarity, purpose and direction so you can make better decisions in life
  • Release limiting patterns and beliefs so you can feel more empowered in life
  • Connect with your higher purpose and create a life of greater ease, grace and lightness
  • Create greater levels of alignment and flow that literally boosts your energy and vitality
  • Gain freedom from the patterns and behaviours that often keep you stuck
  • Increase self-confidence, esteem and worth so you can enjoy greater abundance and prosperity
  • Reconnect with your own inner-guidance and intuition so you make more empowered choices
  • Create greater levels of courage, strength and resilience required to realise your best life

Les has a gift for giving business and career advice that is aligned with higher soul purpose and helping you get on-track, to get your best work out into the world and make more impact.

Lauchlan Mackinnon

Strategic Coach and Online Marketer, Clarify Your Strategy

I felt empowered and also connected to the universe. Rather than a random occurrence of humanity, you might have sparked a deeper connection within my soul!

Gillian Harris

Corporate Trainer and Facilitator, Drucker and Associates