Learn How to Partner with the Divine Intelligence of the Universe to
Manifest, Create and Realise Your Ideal Life Now


Would you like to connect more deeply and powerfully with your own intuition and creative guidance?


Are you wanting to create a shift in your life, business, finances or relationships?


Like to embrace your divine power and live the life you were uniquely crafted and created to live?

Living Fully from Your Source™ is a transformational and awakening 7-week program that has been designed to help you reconnect and awaken the great creative power of your soul

While we all have access to a highly intuitive and connected consciousness that is guiding us in each moment, many people have simply forgotten how to attune and connect with the innate intelligence of their higher infinite self.

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Learn How to Plug Back into Your Divine Consciousness

If we all have access to an incredible creative power then why do so many people seem to struggle, strive and fight to get what they want?

Struggle, resistance and a lack of flow are usually the signs that are telling us that we are out of harmony with our own intuitive presence and power. This is not the way we were created to be!

The moment we learn to ‘plug back in’ to our universal consciousness and accept our own power and magnificence then magic begins to happen. In reconnecting with our soul’s intuitive power and presence we finally learn to become the creative vessels that we were uniquely crafted to be.

Each of us is now being called to create and live a life that is true to our own values, that is in alignment with our higher-self and true purpose and that enables us to enjoy happiness, graces and success with ease.

Here’s What You’ll Learn


Connect with universal guidance and intuition to create greater levels of peace, happiness and joy in your life.


Access higher levels of consciousness to literally change your vibration and energetic state and become attractive to prosperity.


Awaken your spiritual energy centres to allow yourself to become a greater channel for grace, creativity and providence.


Take back your power and find the courage, confidence and strength to stand more fully in your true light.


Engage the power of flow and alignment to accelerate the realisation of your life, goals, dreams and visions.


Shift your self-identity and self-worthiness to become that person that is willing to allow greater levels of light, happiness, flow and love into your life.

Imagine being able to reconnect with your true essence, infinite intuitive guidance and divine presence to create the life you truly desire


How to create greater levels of flow, peace and providence in your life


How to receive, act and trust your intuitive guidance


How to channel universal energy to create, manifest and realise what you really desire


How to bring your dreams, inspirations and visions to life


How to create and embrace states of greater creative flow


How to harness universal energy in the creative process to attract what you desire


How these same secrets can be used to create everyday miracles in your life


How to access higher states of vibrational energy for healing and transformation

Who Is It For?

This program is for anyone that is wanting to connect with and expand the full potential of their soul’s creative power. It’s especially for anyone that wants to expand their personal spiritual development and learn how to find, connect and embrace their true destiny and purpose on Earth.

It’s also for:

  • Individuals who want to accelerate their personal progress and life path
  • Those on a spiritual path that are looking for greater connection with their divine self
  • People who want to experience the joy of greater flow, harmony and purpose in life
  • Those looking for a specific breakthrough or transformation in an area of life
  • Anyone who wants to learn to use divine intelligence to heal and evolve

Here’s Whats Included

7 x Live Weekly Transformational Classes

These weekly group classes are designed to help participants fully embrace the learning, insights and practices required to reconnect and engage their higher-self potential. This will include guided meditations, intuitive practices, higher-level wisdom and group learning exercises.


Comprehensive Course Notes and Workbook

As well as each live class you will also receive accompanying class notes and workbook that will help you integrate your learning as well as provide a useful tool to help you apply what you learn to your life in the years to come.

Intention Project

Participants in the program will also get to apply what they want directly to a specific area or project in their life. This a great way to bring your learning to life and will enable you to experience first-hand the results of your new vibrational energy, states and practices.


Bonus: Intuitive Coaching and Empowerment Session

As a special bonus, students participating in the course will also receive a personal 30 minute intuitive coaching and mentoring session with me as the start of the program to help them clarify their vision, intention and change that they want to see manifest in their mental, emotional, physical and spiritual realm.

7 Week Course Outline

Week 1 – An Introduction to Partnering with the Divine

We are much more than our physical bodies. Discover the infinite and eternal potential that is the true nature of your soul. Here you will learn to appreciate the connection you have with your own spiritual essence and power that will empower you to create new levels of joy and fulfillment.

Week 2 – Activating Your Divine Creative Power

Discover simple processes for activating your higher consciousness that will allow Divine power, presence and providence to be a vital part of your life. Here you will learn to embrace your soul’s infinite potential and develop your natural ability to create, manifest and harmonise with life.

Week 3 – Transcending Our Belief of What is Possible

Our beliefs define the essence of what we are willing to accept and receive in our lives. Your soul and true spirit has no limits. By understanding the process of ‘surrendering to expansion’ you will learn to embrace your unlimited nature and extend your energy to allow greater good in your life.

Week 4 – Harnessing and Connecting with Greater Energy

Our lives are channels for universal energy. When we are in alignment our energy flows naturally and powerfully. By learning to harness and expand your soul’s energy you can then direct it towards greater healing, manifestation and co-creation of your intimate desires and dreams.

Week 5 – Becoming a Channel for Grace and Transformation

Grace is a powerful force that is available to us all. In this session, you will learn to become a greater vessel for receiving and directing this energy in order to create change and transformation in your life. As you do you will become more empowered and hold a greater presence in the world.

Week 6 – Listening, Trusting and Acting on Divine Guidance

While developing your ability to trust and listen to your intuitive and soul guidance is an integral part of each module in the course, in this session we will learn how to develop greater levels of attunement to divine guidance and how to have the faith, courage and trust to act on your guidance.

Week 7 – Embracing the Power to Create Everyday Miracles

When we are able to hold, channel and direct universal energy we become an instrument for the creation of ‘everyday miracles’ in our lives. Our lives then take on a magical quality where in each moment we are co-creating our reality and experiencing greater grace, flow and providence.

BONUS SESSION: Divine Embodiment - Living Fully from Your Vision

This special online bonus session will show you how to step fully into the highest vision of your life and to create from a place of complete unison with the God-force within you. Here you will come to integrate all you have learned and fully embody your soul’s highest potential for this life time.

About Your Facilitator

Les is an intuitive soul coach, hypnotherapist, medium and spiritual teacher who has been working in the field of business, personal and spiritual empowerment for over twenty years.

At the tender age of 8 Les discovered that there was a ‘hidden magic’ and potential within all of us … a field of energy and awareness that was way beyond the ‘physical dimension’ that we all know as ‘real’. Since then he has been on an enduring quest to help even more people find their path and awaken and their own spiritual potential.

As the founder of The Greatness Connection and The Soul Path Academy, Les now uses his gifts to help people globally to reconnect with their soul essence, awaken their greatest dreams and live the magical lives they were truly created to live.

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