Learn to Harness the Power of Your Natural Intuitive Intelligence to
Create Change, Expand Self-Confidence 
Experience Greater Levels of Flow and Fulfillment in Life



Like to expand your intuition, create change and enjoy greater happiness and flow?


Like to learn how to listen, trust and act on your intuition with greater confidence?


Want to enhance your ability to make more empowered choices and decisions?


Like to overcome stress, resistance and self-sabotage and experience greater flow and ease?

The Power of Intuitive Flow™ is a Transformational Heart-Centred Programme
Designed to Help You Engage Your Natural Intuitive Power, Presence and Flow


We were all born with an incredible intuitive potential. In this course you will discover how to
awaken your natural intuitive flow, access your inner-GPS and ‘true knowing and learn how to channel them towards creating the harmony, direction and success you desire in all areas of your life.

Next 7 Week Course

Commences Thursday 12th October 2017

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Discover Why Your Intuitive Nature is
Your Primary Sense and NOT Your Sixth Sense …

We were all born with an immense potential to be intuitive. Learning how to awaken your intuitive flow will provide you with the tools, practices and resources to help awaken your intuition in ways you never thought possible.

All of us have experienced times in our lives where we have felt ‘connected’, where we experienced deeper levels of ‘guidance’ and where we just had a ‘knowing’ that something was either right or wrong for our lives.

We have all been born with an innate guidance system an inner-GPS that is an integral part of our core operating system in the world, however few people ever learn how to master this intelligence and use it consciously in the world.

“When we enter the state of flow and fully learn to trust our inner-heart and guidance then magic follows.”

We are now understanding that intuition is not something that is reserved just for the privileged few. In fact it’s not even your sixth sense, but your first sense – a core and integral aspect of who you already are. It’s just that most of us have lost touch with this most intimate of senses and have given our power away to the mind, logic and rational thought.

“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant.
We have created a society that honours the servant and has forgotten the gift.”

Albert Einstein

Here’s What You’ll Learn


How to create deeper levels of trust and rapport with your intuitive self


How to discern intuitive wisdom from the voice of your ego and intellect


Daily practices to help awaken accentuate your true intuitive nature


How to open yourself up to become a channel for inspiration insight and guidance


How to apply intuitive practices to your work, daily life and relationships


Simple strategies for activating greater levels of trust, self-belief and conviction in your life

Imagine being able to access an incredible source of guidance, inspiration, creativity and purpose in all areas of your life.


How to flow more intuitively with life and experience less stress and greater fulfillment


How to connect deeply with your authenticity and feel more empowered and engaged in life


How to trust your own inner-guidance and make more effective and rewarding decisions


How to develop greater trust, self-belief and confidence in your own intuition and guidance


How to intuit and ‘read’ everyday situations and make more powerful choices


How to move beyond fear and trust your ‘inner-knowing’ in everyday situations.


How to access the greater field of consciousness and receive inspirational guidance


How to channel your creativity, innovation and intelligence towards your highest intentions

Embark on a Quest to Re-Discovering Your Authentic Self

At the end of this program you will have learned how to connect more deeply with the great intuitive essence of your soul and how to channel this potential towards creating greater levels flow, ease, grace and success in your life.

You will also leave feeling more empowered with the confidence and trust needed to listen, follow and act on your inner-guidance.

Most of all you will begin to feel a greater sense of peace, purpose and presence in life as you connect with your own authentic truth in each moment and make empowered decisions that are in alignment with your higher self and spirit.

“Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know
what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.”

Steve Jobs

Apple Founder

Who Is It For?

This program is for any one that is looking to access greater levels of their own personal power, presence and energy. It is for those who are searching for greater clarity, direction and guidance in life and are ready to tap into their full creative and intuitive potential. It’s also for:


  • Individuals who want to experience greater levels of flow and purposefulness in life
  • Professionals who are looking to become more effective in their lives and careers
  • Anyone who is on a path of personal or spiritual growth and is looking for more

Here’s Whats Included

7 x Live Weekly Classes

Join us each week for this series of transformational classes where we will explore new ways to connect deeply with your own spiritual guidance, intuition and insight. In these sessions, you will learn new practices, tools and techniques for expanding your spiritual awareness and engaging your intuitive intelligence in everyday life.


10 x Audio Meditations and Deepening Practices

Included in this program are over 10 guided visualisation and deepening practices that have been designed to help you integrate and activate your natural intuitive insight. As a participant you will receive exclusive access to these online recordings which will help you deepen your intuitive state and accelerate your higher-self connection.


200 Page Course Workbook, Notes and Practices

Each week you’ll receive course notes and handouts to facilitate your journey and I will also be providing several deepening meditations and practices that are designed to help you awaken more of your connection to inner-guidance, divine intelligence and your own heart’s wisdom.

7 Week Course Outline

Week 1 – Introduction: Awakening Your Intuitive Capacity

We are all born with the innate capacity to intuit and receive higher guidance, however many of us have not been taught how to harness and activate this gift in our lives. In this introductory session we share the types of intuition, how to open yourself to intuit and understanding the different levels of your authentic energetic nature.

Week 2 – Connecting with Your Source

We are all connected to an incredible source of intuitive power. When we learn to plug back into this consciousness we start to receive greater guidance and insight. In this session you will learn how to trust your intuitive nature, how to plug into a greater source and consciousness and how to ask the right questions that help you receive clear guidance.

Week 3 – Clearing Your Intuitive Channel

As an energetic being it is important that you learn to keep your channel of energy clear, whole and complete. In this session we share techniques and practices for opening and clearing your energetic centres, while also learning how to work with them to become a more open channel and conduit for universal creativity, inspiration, insight and wisdom.

Week 4 – Expanding Your Intuitive Awareness

In this session, you will learn how to project your consciousness and awareness to intuit information, guidance and understanding from the world around. You will also learn how to reach into the universal field to ‘read’ people, places, situations and events in your life and make more empowered decisions and choices.

Week 5 – Making Powerful Decisions and Choices

Your destiny is defined by the quality of the decisions and choices you make in each moment. Many of us have been conditioned to make choices from a place of ego and fear, which is why we are often unable to discern the subtle, yet hidden guidance of our own soul and intuition. In this session, we unfold the empowered path to making desirable decisions.

Week 6 – Listening, Trusting and Acting on Divine Guidance

While developing your ability to trust and listen to your intuitive and soul guidance is an integral part of each module in the course, in this session we will learn how to develop greater levels of attunement to divine guidance and how to have the faith, courage and trust to act on your guidance.

Week 7 – Powerfully Co-Creating Your Life with Grace and Flow

While our lives may not always be easy, we have all been granted the grace and free will to reshape our lives for optimum flow and fulfillment. Living an intuitive life means learning how to live in harmony with every situation, person and event that presents in your life with the ‘inner-knowing’ that whatever happens – you’ll handle it, grow from it and learn from it.

About Your Facilitator

Les is an intuitive soul coach, hypnotherapist, medium and spiritual teacher who has been working in the field of business, personal and spiritual empowerment for over twenty years.

At the tender age of 8 Les discovered that there was a ‘hidden magic’ and potential within all of us … a field of energy and awareness that was way beyond the ‘physical dimension’ that we all know as ‘real’. Since then he has been on an enduring quest to help even more people find their path and awaken and their own spiritual potential.

As the founder of The Greatness Connection and The Soul Path Academy, Les now uses his gifts to help people globally to reconnect with their soul essence, awaken their greatest dreams and live the magical lives they were truly created to live.

Here’s What Others are Saying

I did this program because I was looking for greater clarity of life direction and I wanted to improve my intuitive skills.

What I enjoyed most about the course was that it helped me to connect to source and with other beautiful souls, while learning to trust myself and my intuition. I have learnt to trust myself more, pay attention to my gut and intuition, be more aware of what is happening around me and to me.  I have learnt to be more aware of signs around me and be more aware of when my guides and angels are sending me messages.

I feel my life is forever changed, all those little things that I thought were interesting and noticed, I know are now my angels, guides, masters and source working with me.  I know I will live such a different quality of life from now and I am so grateful for that. That’s why I would absolutely, 100% recommend this course to anyone who is looking to learn more about their intuition, to trust their messages, sharpen their skills and be more aware, this is the perfect course.

Thank you Les for such an enlightening experience.  You are truly an earth angel and you have made such a huge difference in my life.  I am personally deeply grateful for the impact, wisdom and knowledge you have had on my life.  Thank you so much.

Wendy Steward

Health & Wellness Coach, Wendy's Way

I chose this course to extend my knowledge about the spirit realm and knew that with your experience you would be able to show me what I needed. I knew that I needed to be able to open my heart, soul and mind for a better connection to Spirit, and I certainly got everything I wanted from your course.

Moving forward I believe this has given me more confidence and drive, especially to speak out about my love of spirituality, and to connect to people better. It has helped me to understand the differences between people and where they are in their world, and to connect to Spirit through my heart and mind. Which is why I would recommend this course to anybody who I thought was looking to extend their spirituality or learn more about it.

Brett Joiner

Cabinet Maker

I chose to do this course because I really wanted to tap into my intuition and start to trust myself more. And since completing it, I have noticed that I trust my intuition more and have also opened my throat chakra to speak my voice, and now amazing and wonderful things are happening. I believe it’s already given me the courage to trust, believe and act with intuitive intuition.

It’s been an amazing experience that I would highly recommend to everyone, because you will rediscover and reconnect with your higher self, and start to follow your intuition, and when you do so many wonderful things will come about. Thank you, thank you, Les! This course has really change my life in the most profound way and for that I am truly grateful.

Petrina Da Gama

Personal Trainer, Win It Now Fitness

I was looking for a course to help me tap into my intuitive self and enable me to access more universal energy in my daily life. What I enjoyed most about this program was having the opportunity to work with like-minded people who are on similar journeys, and share our experiences. Since doing the course I have started doing meditation for 5 minutes a day, setting intentions and manifesting, which has helped things appear clearer and fit into place on my new journey so far. Les is an excellent host and his support and enthusiasm is wonderful. I will certainly be using the techniques we learned and putting them into practice on a daily basis.

Duncan Steward

Entertainment and Artist Management, Platinum Cre8tive

What I enjoyed most about this program was the people were awesome. I also enjoyed exploring the different ways of ‘channelling’ and working intuitively with others, while It was also good to hear and reinforce what I instinctively knew. It has given me more confidence in myself, my ‘feelings’ and my beliefs.  I am also more aware of what goes on around me, and I have more tools to help my family and myself in our everyday lives.

I believe it has helped me to trust myself more in making decisions and to be more aware of ‘signs’ around me, as well as shifted my thinking, awareness and confidence. It has has definitely been of value to me, which is why I have already recommended it to others.

Nellie Lambrinos

Project Manager

What I enjoyed most about the course was the open learning format which worked really well for me. It gave me permission to open and express myself in the group and allowed me to contribute and develop myself.

Since finishing the course I’ve noticed that my intuition has started to flow and I am now more open to the messages from within, and have learned to trust and believe in myself. I believe that moving forward I will be able to connect more to my source and live form here, because this is where the magic resides.

Shaun Da Gama

IT Consultant

I did this program because I was wanting to learn to trust myself and be more intuitive. What I enjoyed most about it was the practical aspect of actually putting my intuition into practice. During the program, I felt loved and supported by the group, and I feel that I do trust myself and believe in myself more now. I believe the impact it will have will continue to expand, like when throwing a rock into a pond and watching the waves reach right to the edge, and this will impact my life holistically. That’s why I would recommend this course to others because you get an expert to teach, guide you and hold your hand while getting amazing support from within the group.

Blazenka Krasey

Trainer and Facilitator, Core Transformation Australia

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