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I have now been speaking professionally for over 20 years and have had the privilege of delivering transformational workshops, training programs, seminars and keynote presentations to audiences across the UK, Japan, USA and Australia.

To discover more about how I might be able to work with you, explore the information on this page which includes my background, speaking topics and the difference that I can bring to your next conference, workshop or event. Perhaps even download my comprehensive speaker’s kit or check out what some of my past clients have had to say. And if you like what you see then send me an email for more info on my speaking fees and availability.

I understand that that the success of your next conference, event or workshop is important to you. Therefore my commitment to you is – to deliver outstanding value that empowers, engages and delights your audience every time.

“At the heart of every organisation and individual is a calling to greatness.”

What Makes Les Different?

Les’ profound ability to weave ancient wisdom with modern day life and business principles has empowered and inspired numerous organisations and individuals to unleash their ‘greatest’ productivity, profitability and performance.

He has a unique perspective that allows him to bridge the gap between business, personal growth, mindfulness and purposeful living, thereby helping his clients create major transformations and purposeful shifts in their lives and businesses. It is his ability to bridge both of these paths that provides the greatest value for his clients and audiences alike.

Les’ Speaking Background

Les is a transformational coach, intuitive healer, speaker, author and change agent. Having previously worked as a management and training consultant, Les has worked extensively across the UK, Japan, USA and Australia, and has delivered transformational workshops, training programs and seminars to over 4000 people.

But Les’ difference is that he truly understands the essence and mind-set of highly successful individuals and business, having personally studied and modeled the success strategies of some of the greatest masters, business leaders, teachers and individuals on the planet.

What Speaking Means for Me …

For me being a speaker and presenter is all about creating an environment where people can
realise their highest potential. It means equipping organisations and individuals with
the resources, insight and wisdom that empowers them to shine.

Who Will Benefit:

Sales Organisations and Teams

Who need to harness the ‘greater’ potential of their people and elevate performance to new levels.

Managers and Leaders

Looking for new ways to tap into and engage, connect and bring out the best from themselves and their staff/teams.

Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

Who want to grow and lead their organisations to the next level.

Aspiring Individuals

Who know there is more to life and want to awaken their natural talents and gifts and live with greater purpose and meaning.

Corporate Business Leaders

Who want to engage the ‘soul’ of their organisations to create more productive, inspired and high-performance workplaces.

Not-for-Profit and Community Organisations

Who are looking to engage, inspire and uplift their people towards connecting and creating a life of significance.


Here’s Just a Few of the Areas I Speak On

Leading With Your Heart

In our dynamic and changing world, developing organisational leaders who have the skills, courage and insight to deliver results is now more important than ever. It is the combination of purposeful strategy and heart-centred excellence that has the capacity to create real innovation and change. Learning how to ‘Lead with Heart’ and empower teams and followers is therefore critical to lasting organisational success.

Awakening the Heart of Business

Creating a purpose-driven business that changes the world has never been easier. In this presentation Les shares a simple 7 step system based on his new book, for activating your business purpose, attracting more customers and positioning yourself as leader of influence in your field. Filled with proven strategies for growing a platform of influence this talk will inspire, engage and delight business owners and leaders.

Unleashing Your Inner-Brilliance

Learning how to manage your own emotions, thoughts, beliefs and energy is the key to greater productivity, performance and fulfillment. In this presentation Les explores the 6 core foundational beliefs that often keep most people separated from realising their highest purpose and potential. What participants will discover is a unique and definitive approach to creating self-mastery and self-leadership in their own lives.

Mastering the Inner-Game of Success

What does it really take to develop a winning mindset, and become a person capable of creating, inspiring and leading a thriving growth venture? Based on over 20 years of personal research and working with clients, this presentation shares insight into the five transformational principles  required to master your own business mindset and develop a winning psychology that will help visionary business leaders thrive and shine.

Les is passionate about helping aspiring individuals and organisations unleash their greatest potential and have more impact in the world, and audiences have often described his presentations as “inspiring”, “engaging” and “transforming”.

Les delivered his program with sparkling clarity that offered simple and valuable solutions for all. Businesses and organisations across Australia and around the world would be well served in listening and applying Les’s insights to improve performance and effectiveness. From the moment we met Les, we knew we had found someone who we could trust to deliver what was required.


Brett Van Duppen

Whitehorse City Council

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