How to Change Your Life When You’re Stuck

How to Change Your Life When You’re Stuck

3 Insights to Help You Gain Freedom from those
Moments that Hold Your Life Back


As a transformational life coach, business coach, intuitive guide and energy healer, one of the most common patterns I see present with my clients is that of being stuck.

When we are stuck and being limited by an unconscious block or pattern it can seem like nothing in our lives is working. In fact it is often said that the “only different between a rut and a grave is the depth”, and while this statement may seem confronting for many, the reality is that energetically anything or anyone that is not growing, moving forward or realising its full potential, will at some level of consciousness be energetically dying, retreating and stagnating.

So, if these patterns of being ‘stuck’ and ‘inner-conflict’ are so common
how do we break-free and realise our true destiny?

How do we find the awareness, courage and insight to bring harmony and balance back to our being and allow our true energy, passion and vitality to flow again?

Well, here are some powerful insights and strategies to help you gain greater awareness of what might be holding you back, and at the same time lead you towards creating greater freedom in your life or business.


1 : What ‘Type of Stuck’ You Are Experiencing?

While all feelings of being stuck, held back or feeling blocked carry similar energetic traits, not all types of ‘stuck patterns’ are the same. Therefore, it helps to pay attention and gain greater awareness of the ‘type of stuck’ that you are experiencing in the moment. Here are just a few of the main one’s I have often seen presenting in clients and my own life.


A.      Beliefs, Fear Patterns and Limiting Decisions

Have you ever seen a fly that has found itself stuck inside a room and then desperately seeks to escape via a closed window? If so, you’ll understand the consequence of limiting belief systems, fear patterns and limiting decisions.

Often characterised by an ‘upper limit’ problem or glass ceiling many of these patterns are unconscious and serve to keep us separated from our truth. Often run by the ego, they tend to manifest as patterns of protection, control or survival.

The key to freedom here is to identify the ego-based pattern or limitation, release it, and then install a more empowering pattern that is based on your soul truth, spirit and true being.


B.      Core Choice and Indecision Points

Many times, we can simply find ourselves stuck because we have reached a critical decision or choice point in our lives. Resonant of the image of a ‘fork in the road’, when we have two or more alternatives, it can be difficult leaving what we have known in the past, in order to embrace a new future.

However, these soul-defining points are critical for our soul’s progress and offer us the greatest opportunities for transformation and growth. The key here is to learn to make these decisions based on the courage, strength and certainty of our higher self, not from the place of our fear-based ego or scared inner-child.


C.      Conflicts in Values Between our Spirit and Ego

Those who have been on a spiritual or personal growth quest will know those moments where we need to choose between our ego-based needs/desires/fears, and the calling of our true spirit.

For example, we may find ourselves desiring to make more money, but find ourselves in conflict with another part of ourselves that fears if we had too much money people might not love or accept us anymore.

While many believe we must get rid of the ego in order to be free, the truth is that our ego serves an important purpose in our lives, especially when it is aligned and working for us. It is therefore in learning how to have our ego and spirit work together that we can create great strides in our personal and professional progress.


D.      End of a Cycle or Season

Sometimes we may find ourselves at the end of a season or cycle in our lives that brings us to a point of uncertainty. In these moments it can seem like what we held dear in the past is gone, and yet the new is still to arrive. These voids or plateaus in our lives offer an incredible opportunity for growth, refocusing and alignment.

In the voids of our lives we are being challenged to look deeper into our soul for what is trying to manifest. Like a newly planted seed, we may have to look under the covers to discover the growth and opportunity that awaits us. And sometimes we also will need to call on our patience as we wait out the gestation period, paying attention to the new growth and ways of being that are about to sprout.


2 : Change Your Paradigm

Often changing our ‘stuck’ or ‘blocked states’ simply requires a paradigm shift in our thinking and perception. Here are just a few shifts that you might consider making:


A.      Sometimes we Need to Change Who We Are

There is an interesting story in the bible of Moses who was leading the Israelites out of slavery from Egypt, into the promised land. After many years of wandering the desert, an angel came down to Moses and the Israelites and said, “It’s time to leave this mountain”. Up until that point they had spent years going around in circles due to the old belief systems that they refused to let go of.

In many ways, the Israelites need for certainty and security convinced them that slavery might in fact be a better option than walking through a desert to find their freedom.

The key here was that the promised land was less than 100km away. So, while Moses was trying to get the Israelites out of Egypt, somehow, he couldn’t get Egypt (the past) out of the Israelites and this is what kept them stuck.

 To create a new destiny, we will be called to release our past, and change the way we choose to see ourselves.


B.      Honour Your Confusion

Have you ever found yourself in a place where you were confused?

Each of us are highly intuitive beings. In each moment we are receiving incredible guidance. So why then do we find ourselves in states where we become stuck?

The key is to realise that confusion is often the result of our heart trying to give us a message that our mind or brain does not understand. It’s in these moments that we need to stop struggling and instead, go inside, speak to our heart’s wise and innate intelligence and discover what it is trying to tell us.

C.      Find the Blessing in Your Stuck State

Every behaviour or emotional pattern at its core is trying to serve or help us in some way. Therefore, even your ‘stuck state’ holds a gift and blessing for you, if you would find the courage to go within, seek awareness, and fully discover its highest intent for your life.

So, take a moment to simply ask:

  • What is the highest intent or purpose of this feeling stuck? How is it serving me?
  • What am I concerned would happen if it were no longer a problem?


3 : Key Insights for a Break-Through When You’re Stuck

Here are 5 insights that will help you navigate your way out of ego, fear and being stuck, and help create the environment and freedom for you to thrive:


A.      Simply Move

It’s often difficult to ‘think our way’ out of a stuck state, because many of our ‘stuck patterns’ are held physically or energetically in our bodies.

Therefore, the greatest gift you can give yourself when you find yourself stuck is to simply move! Go for a run, go do some yoga, go for a walk and get some fresh air or go for a swim at the beach.

Movement has the power of getting us out of the head, and freeing our energy to flow again, and it is often in our times of movement that we receive our greatest breakthroughs and inspirations.

B.      Make a Choice

If you’ve found yourself at a cross-road, then it’s time to get over analysis-paralysis and simply make a choice. After all, sitting on the fence will only give you splinters!

However, we’ve been conditioned in life to think that when we make choices there are ‘good choices’ and ‘bad choices’, success or failure. However, in any situation the worst thing you can do is make no choice. By learning to let go of your attachment to the outcome and entering your heart space you will begin to ‘feel’ which one of your choices appears the most appropriate for you now.

C.      Unpack Your Consciousness

If you find yourself going around in circles, then it may be time to unload and unpack your consciousness. While the mind is a powerful tool for helping us make analytical decisions, when it comes to trust, movement and creativity, it comes second to the heart.

Therefore, if you find yourself overwhelmed mentally, get a notebook and simply write all your feelings, thoughts, stories, decisions – and allow them to be unpacked onto the page in-front of you. This process is a little like closing all the open application windows on your PC at home. Its about getting back to a fresh screen with nothing being held on it.

Then simply close your notebook and go to sleep on the problem or issue that you have in mind. Many solutions to great problems were discovered during or after the sleep state. Therefore, you might even want to seed your consciousness with a question you would like your subconscious to answer as you sleep.

D.      Go Play

Yes, that’s right. I want you to go out and play!

While this strategy may seem contradictory to the outcome you are trying to achieve, have you ever noticed that as a child, the moment you engaged play in your life, it freed you to become more creative, more open and more resourceful?

There is something magical when we enter a state of play. We let go of all expectations. We become present in the moment. We let go of forcing things to happen and being tied to an outcome.

And it’s usually in these moments that our soul and spirit have the capacity to weave their magic and show us new pathways to freedom, providence and happiness.

E.       Seek Wise Counsel

I know first-hand how frustrating it can be to be stuck in our own world. As a therapist, coach and healer myself, it can be hard working on our ‘own stuff’ because we are so attached to it. While we may think we have all the tools, and have read all the books, there still comes a times when we need to seek outside help and wise counsel.

That’s why I surround myself with practitioners I resonate with and respect. People I can turn to when I need wise counsel or need to bounce something important off them.

While our ego’s might convince us that we can do it ourselves, that we’ll handle it. The reality is that when something is not working in our lives, and we keep hitting brick walls, its time to call out for help.

A wise counsel can often help you get through and navigate your stuck states more effectively, therefore freeing you to do and experience the work and life that you were truly created to live.

Les Price is a transformational life and business coach, author, speaker, intuitive and healer. If you feel you have been holding onto limiting patterns, emotions, feeling and blockages from the past that no longer serve you, and are looking for a safe environment to allow greater freedom and liberation into your life – contact our office to organise a consultation with Les.

Day 1 – Creating the Space to Let Go

Day 1 – Creating the Space to Let Go

Day 1 - Creating the Space to Let Go

by Les Price | The 21 Day Soul Cleanse

“Let go of the past, so that God can open the door to your future.”

Why is it we human beings seem to hold on for dear life to what no longer serves us?

I know from personal experience how hard it has been sometimes to let go of the people, events, situations and belongings that have long served their purpose in our lives. While our need for attachment often arises from the fear of loss of safety, security and the status quo, holding onto your past can be akin to trying to sail a yacht into deep blue oceans while along not realising that it is still tethered to the shore.

So, as we begin this Soul Cleanse series, today I would like to encourage you to review the areas of your life where you are still holding onto the past. Our guides, angels and helpers in the world of spirit would encourage us to release and surrender our attachments to the known, in order to truly discover the potential and opportunities that await us. Travelling lightly into your future is the key here.

According to spiritual teacher Catherine Ponder there are really three lists that we all need to consider in life:

  • What we want to release from our lives
  • What we want to attract into our lives
  • What we are grateful for in our lives

Notice how this process begins with releasing? Its because in order to allow anything new to enter our lives we first have to create the space to receive it. It’s a little like doing a small spring clean on your wardrobe. Have you ever noticed that the moment you clear out a small segment of yoru wardrobe that in a very short time it becomes filled again?

There is a very important principle at play here – because the universe abhors a vacuum.
Which means that the moment you clear the old, you allow the space for the new to enter.

More importantly, the less attachment we have to things, the more our life flows and the better we feel energetically, emotionally and physically.

The Practice

So today our practice is simply one of beginning to let go.

Take a moment to reflect on the areas of your life where you have been holding onto what no longer serves you. Whether it be a relationship or friendship, items or belongings in your house, an old behavior, pattern or addiction, or even an old attitude, habit or belief, begin to identify what has been holding you tied and tethered to the shore.

Then simply find one thing that you can begin to bless and surrender from your life today.

By far the easiest and most affirming items are old personal belongings. Which is why once every few months I simply like to get a laundry washing basket, place it in my lounge, and then over the week as I walk around the house I find those items that have reached the end of their spiritual and energetic life, place them in the basket and then eventually send them to the op shop, offer them for recycling or relinquish them to the humble surrounds of the local rubbish dump.

The Affirmation

I now choose to release and surrender the old in my life. I choose to travel freely and easily, and I now create the space for all of God’s good, abundance and blessings to flow into life.

The Question

What have I been holding onto in my life that no longer serves me energetically, physically or spiritually?

The Thought

The universe abhors a vacuum. Therefore, the more I release, the more opportunity for my highest good to come to me with grace, ease and lightness.

Day 2 – Healing Your Incomplete Business

Day 2 – Healing Your Incomplete Business

Day 2 - Healing Your Incomplete Business

by Les Price | The 21 Day Soul Cleanse

“We do not heal the past by dwelling there. We heal the past by living in the present.”

 Marianne Williamson

I’m always amazed at the capacity of fire to cleanse and purify. Whether it be in the midst of a bushfire, or simply the burning of logs in an open fire place there is something captivating, mystical and transcending about the nature of fire to release and cleanse the old, in order to allow the new.

All of us in our lives have ‘incomplete business’. Those situations, projects, tasks, activities and relationship issues that we have just not gotten around to completing. Often these items can unconsciously drain our energy and focus, while also holding us back from moving forward in our lives. These incompletes also hold our energy anchored in the past, therefore not allowing us to create what we really want in the present.

Have you ever noticed that a circle that has an aspect of its line missing is incomplete, and will always draw your intention to the part that is missing? In the same way, our incompletes in life will cause us to focus on what has not worked, what is missing and what we seem to be lacking in our lives, rather than allowing our unconscious to revel in all the good that we have actually done.

Therefore, one of the greatest gifts that you can give to your soul and spirit is to:

1.       Reclaim that lost power and presence, by either completing what you have started, or
2.       By simply releasing energetically what has been incomplete in your life, closing the lose ties and surrendering it without guilt.

The Practice

1)      So today I’d simply like you to get a piece of paper or a notebook and write out all the areas where your energy might be incomplete in your life. For example:

  • Unpaid or incomplete taxes
  • Friendships where you may have had a falling out
  • Career, business or personal matters where you felt you failed or came up short
  • Creative projects that you may have started but not completed
  • Relationships where you did not communicate or receive closure

2)      When you have finished go through your list and circle those that you are willing to work on and complete. But only commit to those you know that you actually desire, want and know you will complete.

3)      For the remaining items, get some small blank index cards or pieces of paper.

  • a. On the front of each write down the area or issue that you want to release.
  • b. On the back write down the feelings you have had about it, and how it makes you feel to have held on to these.

4)      Find a quiet place where you can be alone. Find a candle, matches and a metal bucket or container and go outside.

5)      Light your candle and for each one of the ‘incompletes’ you want to release say a little prayer of gratitude for it, then surrender it to spirit by burning the card/paper and placing it in the bucket. Repeat this ritual for each of the incompletes you need to surrender.

6)      Finally, take all the ashes once they have cooled and make sure to bury them in the ground, as you honour and give yourself complete permission to surrender all of this old energy.

7)      When you are done simply call back your soul energy and spirt from the past. Bring it into your being and feel yourself whole perfect and complete once again.

The Affirmation

Today I release the old to the divine fire of my soul, knowing that I am forgiven, restored and free.

The Question

Where am I holding on to the past and not allowing the new?

The Thought

What joy, freedom and fulfillment would be possible if I was willing to release my attachment to the past?

Day 3 – Initiation Through Death and Rebirth

Day 3 – Initiation Through Death and Rebirth

Day 3 - Initiation Through Death and Rebirth

by Les Price | The 21 Day Soul Cleanse

“All human life has its seasons and cycles, and no one’s personal chaos can be permanent. Winter, after all, gives way to spring and summer, though sometimes when branches stay dark and the earth cracks with ice, one thinks they will never come, that spring, and that summer, but they do, and always.”
Truman Capote

Whether we realise it or not, we are all on an eternal journey of being born into life, death and rebirth.

All of our lives travel in cycles of beginnings, middles and completions. Our job as human’s living a spiritual existence is to honour these cycles and transitions in our lives, rather than resisting them, for when we do our lives take on new meaning, we find ourselves letting go and surrendering more to the process of life, than trying to hold onto something that has already changed and transformed and wishes to be set free into the new.

Change of any type however is not easy for the ego which wishes to hold onto form, the material and substance that we associate as being our lives. Your spirit and soul on the other hand has not attachments and is free to shift and change as it pleases. And here within exists most of the conflict and struggle that we human’s experience in life.

Awakening your soul and spirit to your inner-greatness will take you on a journey of self-discovery deep into your being. It is here that we are often brought to the precipice of change, the hold threshold where we are called to make a decision. Jump or be pushed, the choice is still always ours to make. Yet in the midst of this initiation we are being presented with something even deeper, an opportunity to face our fears, to find our strength and to grow. We are being offered both a test and a gift.

So as you reflect back on your life, look for the moments that literally ‘made you’ today. Often the most character and spirit defining moments of our lives have been those where we rose up against the odds to discover that we were much more than we appeared to be. That we were resilient, strong, loving and courageous in our own right. These spirit-filled moments of existence are the fuel that our soul dwells and thrives on, for it realises that no test will ever go unanswered, and no challenge is provided without some form of gift.

Life, death and rebirth are all part of the same cycle. Just as the trees do not try to hold onto their dying leaves in autumn, so too we are encouraged to go with the flow of our life seasons, to travel lightly, and to know trust and believe that even in our deepest winters, spring is around the corner, and the divine within us is hard at work shaping us into who we were truly meant to be.

The Practice

The process of refining the human soul and spirit is not always easy. Often higher-guidance will bring to our awareness the patterns, beliefs and behaviours that we most need to heal and release at this time. It’s akin to taking a snow dome, those little clear water enclosed scenes that are filled with glitter and shaking it up. While we may not see the snow when the dome is resting one our desk, the moment we move or shake it, the residue that once was on the bottom is now comes up to be seen.

In these moments we are being called to purification, the ancient ritual of releasing the impurities that have held us back, so that when the time is right to move into our new lives we can travel more easily. Just as fire is used to heat gold to a very high temperature so that the impurities within can rise to the top and be removed, today our practice provides a purification process for your soul.

1)      Find a comfortable place where you will not be disturbed and close your eyes.

2)      Imagine walking down a flight of ten stairs into a magnificent healing chamber and temple. You may imagine something a little like the ancient temples in Egypt, Greece or Lemuria.

3)      In the centre of this temple a ceremonial fire is burning, and you know intuitively it has been created for you to purify, release and surrender all energies you have carried as part of your identity that no longer serve you moving forward.

4)      You now begin to take of the old clothes, the old coverings, the old husk that has kept you firm in your old identity. You give yourself permission now to release these so you can allow the new to enter.

5)      Gather up all these coverings, layers and all old energy, beliefs and patterns that no longer serve you. Place them now into the fire of your soul and release them to the light. Continue this process until you feel clear, clean and ready now to take the next step in your life.

6)      Clean and pure, you now see a doorway into the chamber of transformation and progression. All you need to do as the initiate is find the strength, courage and willingness to step forward, through this door – and enter the chamber now.

7)      Here within this chamber exists both the test and the gift for you. Pay attention to both of these:

a.       What is the test that you need to fulfill at this time? How will fulfilling this help your soul learn, grow & evolve?

b.       What is the gift that comes with this experience? Are you ready to accept it?

The Affirmation

Today I choose to travel lightly through life, and as I surrender my ego’s need to know and hold on, life rewards me with new life, new growth and new opportunities.

The Question

What have been the greatest lessons from the soul defining moments of my past?
And who have I become through this process?

The Thought

My soul and spirit are eternal and infinite. They know no bounds. They have no beginning or end. And with this understanding I can allow myself to flow through life and experience the different seasons with grace, love and ease.

Day 4 – Finding the Will to Forgive

Day 4 – Finding the Will to Forgive

Day 4 - Finding the Will to Forgive

by Les Price | The 21 Day Soul Cleanse

“Resentment is like drinking poison, and then hoping it will kill your enemies.”
Nelson Mandela

There is by far no greater gift for self-liberation and personal transformation than the power of forgiveness.

For centuries mystics, religious scholars and teachers have espoused the benefits that one receives the moment that they choose to embrace forgiveness. But letting go of past upsets, hurts and disappointments is not always easy.

When we hold onto past hurt, anger, pain and disappointments our bodies naturally enter into states of contraction. Our energy slows and we store these emotions energetically in our body’s cells, tissues and organs. The result is that we can often become blocked, stagnant and resistant to grace, flow and love.

So as you tune into your body today, simply ask yourself, “Where am I choosing to hold onto past anger, hurt and resentment?”. “And to whom do I need to embrace and offer forgiveness?”.

As we do this it is important to understand that true forgiveness does not necessarily mean that what the other person did was right. Many times we may have been inappropriately wronged, but in remembering that we can either hold onto feelings of being a victim, or letting go and reclaiming our divine birth right is a choice that we hold firmly in our hands.

Finally, the most important person we need to forgive in life is often ourselves. If you had an upbringing like myself, where you were conditioned to meet the expectations of others and be over-critical with yourself, then you will understand the need to release and forgive yourself for all the moments where you have fallen short, failed or not lived up to the expectations and standards of others. We need to reclaim our self-love in these moments and come to understand that, we can simply relax, let go, and do our best.

The Practice

Today’s practice is all about letting go of the energies and attachments that you have held onto from the past that limit your soul’s growth and movement. Your soul already understands intuitively what you need to release in each moment. Therefore, all you need to do is be willing and allow your soul, heart and spirit to call forth and release those moments where you have felt offended or hurt in the past.

1)      Close your eyes and imagine in front of you is a large cocoon of golden white light.

2)      Call on your soul now to bring forth the people who you have held anger, resentment, hurt or offence with from the past.

a.       Imagine each of these people coming forth and stepping into the cocoon of light

3)      When everyone you need to send healing and forgiveness to has arrived, then begin to imagine a beam of blue healing light energy that travels in a figure eight (similar to an infinity symbol.

a.       Allow one loop of the light to flow around the cocoon and all those within it

b.       Allow the other loop to flow around yourself, as you imagine this healing light now flowing from you, to them, and back to yourself.

4)      When you feel ready, simply say out loud the following forgiveness prayer and affirmation.

a.       I now completely forgive and release everyone who has hurt, disappointed or offended me from my past. While what you have done may have not been right, I now choose to forgive and release you completely. I now cut and release the aka cords of energy between us that have held any negativity in place, knowing that I do this for the healing of my own soul and spirit. I now release you completely and I call back my spirit and take back my power on all levels. It is done. It is done. It is done.

5)      Then simply take a moment to see the blue healing light completely separate the cocoon from yourself.

6)      Now imagine beautiful angels of light that come down and take the cocoon and all the old energy within it up into the light of source, where it is healed, transmuted and released for the higher good.

7)      Feel the freedom of energy within yourself, and make sure to nurture yourself today by doing something that is good and caring for you.

8)      Finally, if you feel the need you can repeat the above process for yourself, knowing that you can simply place the shadow, negative or critical aspect of your own ego into the cocoon, and free yourself from all negative patterns and conditioning.

The Affirmation

I now forgive myself and release myself from all past mistakes, errors and misjudgments.

The Question

Who do I most need to forgive in my life?

The Thought

I can choose to forgive everyone (including myself) who may have hurt, offended or disappointed me. Therefore, today I choose freedom to reclaim my power and live my life anew. Today I simply relax, let go and do my best.