Creating a Successful, Purpose-Driven Business that
Changes the World has Never Been Easier

Our world is in the midst of a major transformational shift. While the industrial and information ages may have brought us greater material wealth, higher standards of living and technical freedom, the reality is that many people are still unhappy, unfulfilled and lacking true purpose in life.

It’s this desperate search to do work that is meaningful and ‘purpose-filled’ that is fuelling the new generation of heart-centred entrepreneurs, spirited leaders and enlightened business owners. 

The ‘visionary era’ has begun and with it more and more people are leaving their jobs in search of their ‘second calling’ in life – the deep desire to create their own business or venture that enables them to do the work that they love, in alignment with their highest values, in a way that makes a difference in the world, and that still provides them with the lifestyle they desire.

In Awakening the Heart of Business, coach, speaker and author Les Price shares his seven-step system for unleashing your vision and creating a transformational business that touches, moves and impacts more lives.

Discover the Revolutionary 7 Step System for
Creating a Purpose-Driven Business That Thrives

Like to engage more customers and make a greater difference in the world?
Want to do what you love and create a lifestyle and income that inspires you?
Like to discover a pathway to greater success that will literally help you thrive?

In Awakening the Heart of Business, transformational coach, author and intuitive Les Price shares a simple yet powerful process for heart-centred and conscious business owners to help them thrive.

Inside of this book you’ll discover:

  • Simple and easy ways to stand out and be a leader in your field
  • Why most purpose-driven businesses fail and how to thrive instead
  • Quick and easy ways to amplify your presence and attract more business
  • How to connect with a deeper sense of personal purpose and destiny
  • Proven strategies for growing your platform of influence
  • The keys to breaking-free of limitation and playing a bigger game
  • How to reach beyond success and enjoy a life of significance

Awakening the Heart of Business is the answer for every heart-centred, conscious business owner who wants to do what they love, attract more customers and make a more meaningful and purposeful difference in the world.

Who Is this Book for?

Awakening the Heart of Business has been written to address the needs of a new generation of business owner who knows they have a greater purpose and wants to create a business that makes a bigger difference in the world.

This book has will help any:

  • Transformation agents, coaches and healers who are here to change people’s lives
  • Conscious businesses that have a heart-centred or social purpose and mission
  • Enlightened entrepreneurs who have a vision that needs to be realised at this time
  • Socially conscious organisations and businesses that have a heart for change
  • Visionary creators and leaders with a BIG heart and BIG vision that want to make a BIG difference
  • Any business owner that wants to experience greater levels of success and fulfilment

Download Your Sample Chapter Here

Download a free chapter from Awakening the Heart of Business and begin your journey towards creating a more successful life and business today. In this chapter you’ll discover what it really takes to create an inspiring vision for your business and learn what it takes to follow the hero’s path that awaits every purpose-driven leader.

“We live in a world where conventional views on doing business are being challenged and rightly so. Les Price has written a book that illustrates and reinforces the philosophy for doing business today. It is highly relevant, wonderfully written and hugely helpful. Use this book to find the heart in your own business.”

Andrew Griffiths

Andrew Griffiths, Australia’s #1 Small Business Author

“Your business transformation begins with the powerful decision to live your soul’s purpose in the highest possible way.  In Awakening the Heart of Business Les Price shows you how to do that in his heart-centred approach to accelerate your growth, create greater levels of wealth and expand your impact in the world.”

Christine Kloser

Christine Kloser, Best-Selling Author of The Freedom Formula and A Daily Dose of Love

“If you’ve ever dreamed of growing a heart-centred business that makes a significant difference in the world, then you’ll love this book.”

Inna Segal

Best-Selling Author of The Secret Language of Your Body

“Awakening the Heart of Business is filled with incredible insights, stories and wisdom to help any purpose-driven business owner realise their potential. Within its pages you will find a simple, yet powerful pathway for creating greater success with grace, ease and lightness.”

Dale Beaumont

Dale Beaumont, Founder of Business Blueprint, Best Selling Author of the ‘Secrets Exposed’ Series