Episode 14 – Reprogram Your Consciousness with Water

Episode 14 – Reprogram Your Consciousness with Water

Can a Glass of Water Change Your Life?

“Water is the mirror that has the ability to show us what we cannot see.
It is the blueprint of our reality, which can change with a single, positive thought.
All it takes is faith, if you’re open to it.”

Dr. Masaru Emoto

In this this latest episode of the Leading in the Light Podcast we delve into and explore the hidden consciousness of water, and how water can be used to create a transformational shift in our thinking, consciousness, personal resonance and results.

In this episode you’ll learn why water is a powerful conduit for thought and consciousness, how water holds and retains energy, and why the latest research into water is proving that our thoughts have the capacity to influence our lives, and why they directly impact our personal and professional performance.

Best of all I’ll also be sharing with you a simple 5 minute practice that you can embed into your day that will help you reprogram the consciousness of water and use it to create greater levels of happiness, joy, success and fulfillment in your life.

About Les Price

Les Price is a transformational coach, intuitive healer, professional speaker and published author who has been helping aspiring individuals, business owners and leaders create greater levels of success and fulfillment for over twenty years.

At the tender age of 8 Les discovered that there was a ‘hidden magic’ and potential within all of us.. Since then he has been on an enduring quest to help even more people find their path and awaken and their own personal, professional and spiritual potential.

Les is based in Melbourne, Australia, and is director of The Greatness Connection, a peak-performance consultancy that assists companies, businesses and aspiring leaders to realise their goals in an enlightened and visionary way.


In this conversation I share:

  • The hidden consciousness of water
  • Why our thoughts create our reality
  • How to harness the energy of water and use it to reprogram your consciousness
  • How our body is bathed in neurotransmitter and how it impacts your wellbeing
  • A simple daily practice to change your life with a glass of water
  • How intention impacts our consciousness and that of water
  • How plants connect energetically with the human realm of consciousness
  • Why the Prana and life-force of our food and vegetables is so important

Introduction 0:01

Thank you for joining us on the leading in the light Podcast the place where vision, heart and spirit connect to help you awaken your purpose, liberate your greatness and stand more fully in your life. Now, here's your host, transformational coach, author, speaker and intuitive Les Price.

Les Price 0:35

Well, welcome back everybody to this episode of the leading in the life podcast. And today, I must admit, I've actually got something a little bit different for you. You see, over the last few weeks, I've been starting to delve into exploring this realm of how do we access our extraordinary consciousness? How do we tap into that true element of who we really are, and the ability to shape our destiny, the results that we experience in our life, and how we can actually use thought energy to manifest our desires.

And today, I want to share a technique that I've actually been using for a number of years, it was a powerful tool and technique that I learned in the early 80s. And it revolves around a simple glass of water. At the start of this new year, I made a commitment to myself to do a detox and a two week cleanse using Ayurveda, the old ancient traditions of healing and restoration with natural food and substances. I knew at the time that one of the things that I was lacking in my life was actually drinking enough water, this water that we need to hydrate ourselves in our body to keep our mind active.

And so over the last month, I've actually been listing down each day, how much water I've been drinking and reminding myself that it's important to get that water intake in. But you know, water in its own self is one of the driving forces of nature. It was even renowned as being so by the legendary Leonardo da Vinci. But sadly, on a physical level, many of us simply just don't get enough water in our diet. It's the one element that when we consume it helps improve our overall metabolism, helps clean out all the toxins and actually rehydrate our skin, and even a 10% increase in hydration to the brain increases our ability to optimize our functioning, our thinking and our intuition.

But what if there was a way that we can harness the energy of water, and you use it to improve the quality of our lives? What if there was literally a way to reprogram my consciousness on a daily basis that would allow us to attract, create and realize the results we really want. And all it required was five minutes a day, and a simple glass of water. So, stay tuned in this episode as I share more, and I encourage you to take up this 21 Day Challenge practice that will literally revolutionize your own life.

Les Price 3:05

It's often been said that our bodies are actually made up of almost 60 to 70% of water. In fact, the brain and the heart have often been recognized as having up to 73% of water, why the lungs have 83%. And the skin is often up to 64% water. Water has the amazing capacity to hold energy.

It's a transmitter and receiver of energy and consciousness. And it literally shifts with our own state and energy of being. But what's important is that over the last 20 years investigation into quantum research and into the quantum field has found that our thoughts literally have power. That the moment we set an intention for a particular goal or a particular direction now live that the energy within us, including the element of water in our body literally changes as our thoughts change our body and mind change with it.

You know, as human beings we have an amazing capacity to create. It's one of the things that literally sets us apart from the animal kingdom, from the cats and the dogs in the trees is that we as human beings can create an intention to make a change or a shift in the direction of our life. And simply by holding that intention, we set a new direction and a new path. How powerful is that? That the moment we begin to conceive of a new purpose, a new direction a greater vision that that prefrontal cortex begins to attract to us the people, places and situations that are part of our destiny.

There's been a great body of research done over the last 20 years into the power of water. Russian scientist and researcher and a popover even created a documentary on the basis of water being the great mystery We're case scientists from around the world who studied the energy of water in the field of water actually revealed that water specifically could carry a footprint or even a memory on a molecular level.

Even medical doctor, an immunologist, Jacques Buenevista, recognized as the father of homeopathy that if any substance is actually diluted in water, the water still has the ability to carry the memory of that substance, even if the molecules of that added substance are no longer present. So, what we're finding is that water is a transducer and a receiver of information actually responds to the consciousness of the people around it. That by focusing our energy and intention on energizing water for a particular purpose can create a result and shift the energy of that water.

So how can we harness this energy? Well, what I'd love to do is just share with you a small story that I think demonstrates just how powerful our own energy and consciousness can be.

Les Price 6:11

Many years ago, I came across a great book, which was back in the 1980s, that really opened my mind to this concept of how our thinking how our thoughts can influence our own lives and destiny. And funnily enough, this book was actually called The Secret Life of plants, written by two authors Peter Tompkins, and Christopher Bird, who basically in the 60s and 70s, began to do work with lie detection equipment, equipment that was only being used at that time by the CIA, as lie detection. And instead, what they decided to do was to hook up these lie detectors to a number of plants.

Interestingly enough, the moment they hooked these detectors to the plants, the plants could almost sense people who entered the room. In fact, one person who had actually destroyed the plant early in the day, as soon as he entered in the room, that lie detector went crazy. It was almost as though another plant could actually pick up the energy of this being and realize that it was a threat.

One of the greatest stories, however, that really blew my mind was the similar research they did with a couple who had actually travelled away for a weekend, this gentleman actually had a greenhouse of plants that his wife simply adored. So what he decided one day was that he would treat his wife by hooking up all of these plants, to a simple piece of equipment that would allow these plants and their energy to sing. It converted the electrical frequency of how the plants were feeling at any one time in that greenhouse into beautiful sounds. one weekend, the couple decided to travel away to another state.

And they had a young friend stay over and look after their house. In the middle of the night, at almost two or three in the morning. All of a sudden, these plants in this greenhouse started to go crazy. Sounds were emanating music was playing as these plants in the greenhouse were picking up on the energy of something else that had been connected. Not fully understanding why this was, the scientists decided to really do a bit more of an investigation. What they found out was that the two owners who had taken that weekend away, were making love at that same time at two or three in the morning. How did these plants pick up on this energy? How would they connected?

Well, we know that everything is connected by energy. We know that within every cell of every organism, whether it's innate, or whether it has live is connected through consciousness. So the moment we begin to set an intention, the moment we begin to focus our energy on what we want to create, the moment we begin to stand in a space of gratitude or hold a space of compassion, we open up to this consciousness that is creative and brings forth what we are actually emanating. In other words, we attract what we think, and we become what we think. So what was the impact of this research and the connection with this in the field of medicine on the energy of water? Well, let's take a look and find out a little bit more.

Les Price 9:34

In 2004, the Japanese businessman researcher and author, Dr. Masauro Emoto started to do research which he consolidated in his book, The hidden messages of water. Dr. emoto, who had actually been investigating water and consciousness, found that if he could take water in a sample and have someone around it, send the energy of love to one sample that way Frozen, the crystals in that sample of water turned into beautiful snowflakes and beautiful symbols with perfect structure.

Where's another sample of water where somebody had actually sent negative thoughts, thoughts that was simply not of the highest vibration, that often the molecules that had been frozen and looked at under a microscope were fragmented. In the same way Dr. Emoto played with the energy of music to one sample, he played rock music, which was loud and distracted and fragmented. And that's what happened to the crystals in the water for that sample. They also appeared broken, unstructured and fragmented in their own right to another, he played beautiful classical music that move the soul. And again, these crystals began to take on an energy of complete wholeness, fulfillment, and divine perfection.

What he surmised from this research was that our consciousness has an impact on the energy of water. But importantly, what we've realized in medical research that if our bodies are made up from anywhere from 60, to 83%, water, and our cells are literally being bathed in neurotransmitter, that anytime we have a thought, whether it be positive or negative, we're actually impacting the cells of our body.

So how can we begin to make a change with this? How can we begin to start to understand the power of prana and energy in our body? Well, Dr. Emoto, related to this energy as being Hado, or the consciousness that is held in matter, what we realize and for many ancient indigenous traditions is that the energy of prana is vital. In fact, what's been discovered in many countries is that due to our farming practices that involve using lots of pesticides, and taking the nutrition out of the soil and not replacing it, that many of our vegetables and foods that are found off the land have actually lost their vibration. They have lost their energetic potential and power. And using Kirlian photography, what we understand is that everything has an energy towards it, and when this vibration is there, and when it is held in a high place of vibration, it has power.

So how can we begin to tap into this? Well, if we want to increase the element of our consciousness, we need to bring in a higher way of setting our intention. Gregg Braden, the researcher scientist, who has written many books on the study of consciousness, and thought and prayer, said it well, when he began to study the way that ancient traditions prayed. What he realized is that in the Western world, when people pray, it's often like we treat the universal source of God like a vending machine. And we say, Dear God, please help me solve this problem. Dear source or universal spirit, please help me create more money. But in indigenous traditions, they often used a different form of prayer.

Instead of praying for something that they didn't have, they instead held a prayer of gratitude. If they wanted rain they prayed as though the rain had already come and gave praise of thanks and gratitude, saying thank you divine source for this rain that has come down and fit our crops. What we need is a shift. What we need is to go back to source, what we need is to start to set our intention from a place as though they have already been manifested and created.

Les Price 13:42

In that example, that I shared earlier, of that wonderful book, The Secret Life of plants, I remember when I read that book, thinking, gee, there must be something more to this, how can I test this? So I simply did this little experiment.

And please forgive me upfront, because in this experiment, one particular plant was a little injured. But it was part of my research into understanding how our thoughts impact our lives. Because when I read that story, I decided to get two plants from a nursery that were exactly the same.

And for three weeks, I simply fed the two plants, water, but one plant I gave it energized Water, water that I'd held in my hands, I actually prayed over I'd set an intention for growth for success, I could actually see and imagine this plan growing strong and healthy, and by energizing and holding that water and simply feeding the water to that one plant. Whereas with the other plant, I simply just gave it normal tap water without any intention.

The result was quite amazing. within three weeks that plant had been actually sending that energy had grown almost 25% more, its leaves were more vibrant, its leaves were more alive. It's almost like I could feel its energy and prana already within it. It convinced me that thoughts have power, that water can be used to heal. And water can be used to set a state of consciousness. So are you ready to learn a simple technique that you can begin to apply today to start to use the energy of water to start to shift your own results, your own consciousness? Well, in a moment, I'm going to share that with you.

Les Price 15:37

So, if you're ready to get started, all you're going to need for this little experiment, and I'd like you to try this for the next 21 days. 21 days has been found to be the optimum time that's needed to form a habit. But at the same time, by doing this each day, and just allocating a simple five minutes to this practice, you can think of it as a spiritual practice or a purposeful practice for your own being. Hopefully, at the end of their 21 days, you will start to notice some amazing results.

So all you need to do is whether you do this in the morning or before bedtime, is simply get yourself a glass. And yes, make sure it's a glass and not plastic. And make sure to fill it up with water so that you've got almost like a cup full. And then all I want you to do is to simply take that glass and hold it between your two hands, close your eyes and go within. And as you do this, I want you to just begin to acknowledge the energy of this water and thank the universe for providing us with water that fills our heart and soul that keeps us alive that keeps us hydrated.

And into this water as you begin to bless this water, I'd like you to then to start begin to think about what it is you most want to create. If it's about having and allowing new fulfilling relationships, see those taking place, and give thanks and gratitude for these relationships already having taken place. If it's about health and vitality for your own body, and spirit. Imagine seeing the cells of this water, being filled with that energy as it goes into your body, and cleansing and healing and bring restoration to your entire physical being.

If it's about creating new levels of financial wealth, or clients or customers, then imagine what it would be like right now with your eyes closed, to already have that in place. Give gratitude for these people who are turning up in your space for the new clients who are calling for the new income that comes into your account for the bed and for all of the house and all the bills that are taken care of so easily. And give thanks to that. And as you begin to imagine this, I want you to then just imagine your perfect ideal life, as though you are in this place where everything is just flowing with grace, with ease, and lightness, where you are fulfilled on all levels, where you're doing your work purposely and with purpose in the way you are meant to be doing it.

And as you hold the energy of these between your hands begin to just imagine a light force emanating from the palms of your hands flowing through the glass and into the water and blessing and energizing every cell of that water. You might even begin to see the colour of that water change, you might see it take on a new vibration, a higher energy. And finally, as a way of just blessing this water even further, simply take the glass in your hands. Raise it up almost so that the glass is touching the middle of your forehead, the third eye and begin to send an energy waves of intention from your mind from your soul from your Spirit through your mind through your third eye and allow the energy to flow straight into that water. And just trust in this moment this water holds this blessing.

And when you're ready, then you can simply put your glass down, open your eyes, and then simply begin to drink the water being very present and conscious as you acknowledge that water entering your being and becoming one with your intentions. And then just simply allow the consciousness of this energy to do its work within. You might find if you do this practice before bed, you might just drink half your glass of water and the other half in the morning. But you'll find that you'll have dreams that awaken you to new inspiration, new thoughts new energy. You might find during the day that people start to turn up in your field that you get phone calls from customers or clients or people that maybe have been part of your intention. Begin to know is the change in your own energy over these 21 days, as you simply take five minutes each morning or evening, to bless your own spirit to fill yourself to hydrate with amazing water and energy and to become one with what it is you want to manifest.

Les Price 20:23

So are you ready to take up the challenge? Are you ready to play with this 21 day consciousness challenge around a simple glass of water. As I've mentioned, water has a tremendous capacity to carry energy to carry consciousness and to heal. In fact, it was the legendary martial artists Bruce Lee said you know, as human beings we're often too rigid, we often try to control everything, we should simply be like water. Because when you lift up water in your hands, it simply moulds to the shape it flows in the way that it needs to without force. evade author Margaret Atwood also said you know water does not resist water flows. When you plant your hand into it. All you feel is a caress. Water is actually not a solid wall, it will not stop you. out water always goes where it wants to go.

Remember, you are more than half water. If you can go through an obstacle, then simply go around it because that is what water does. I hope you play with this little consciousness exercise. Make sure to let me know of anything you notice over the 21 days as you begin to embrace setting these new intentions. Bringing in the energy of prayer in a powerful way. Starting to bring in the water and hydration into your body is a lifeforce of prana that your body desperately needs, especially in this world that is so diminished of energy, and then pay attention to the lifeforce that begins to flow through you. Enjoy this process, I will look forward to connecting with you on another podcast session. And yes, please remember to let me know how you've gone with this exercise and to also subscribe to make sure you receive our future episodes of the leading in the light podcast.

Les Price 22:15

You've been listening to the leading in the light podcast with Les Price. For more information about lead and to receive your free 21 day unleash your inner brilliance online program Make sure to visit www.lesprice.com or join the global community at www.thegreatnessconnection.com

Episode 13 – Aligning Your Brain for Success

Episode 13 – Aligning Your Brain for Success

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to install the neurological hardware to actually think, act and feel like
the person you want to be in your future.”
Dr. Joe Dispenza 

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As human beings we have access to extraordinary potential, but why is it that we often hold ourselves back from taking the very actions that would set us free? Why is it that we often find ourselves feeling stuck and ‘held back’ from fully realising the life, business, abundance and relationships that we really desire?

In this episode, I share some of the latest research and insight from the fields of neuroscience and neuropsychology that have helped to expand our understanding of how the mind works and the role that the 3 elements of of our brain have on decision making. Inside this episode you’ll learn how to rise beyond the survival mechanisms of your Reptilian Brain, how to create a safe space for growth for your mammalian or Monkey Brain, and how to stimulate the executive centre and pre-frontal cortex to create and embed an inspired vision.


About Les Price

Les Price is a transformational coach, intuitive healer, professional speaker and published author who has been helping aspiring individuals, business owners and leaders create greater levels of success and fulfillment for over twenty years.

At the tender age of 8 Les discovered that there was a ‘hidden magic’ and potential within all of us.. Since then he has been on an enduring quest to help even more people find their path and awaken and their own personal, professional and spiritual potential.

Les is based in Melbourne, Australia, and is director of The Greatness Connection, a peak-performance consultancy that assists companies, businesses and aspiring leaders to realise their goals in an enlightened and visionary way.


In this conversation I share:

  • Some of the latest insights from the field of neuroscience and neuropsychology
  • How to align your brain for greater success
  • The 3 part part model of the brain function and effectiveness
  • Why we often get stuck and how to break-free
  • The power of your conscious and unconscious thought patterns
  • How our beliefs can create powerful states of consciousness
  • The reptilian or Lizard brain
  • The mammalian or monkey brain
  • The neo-cortex and pre-frontal cortex’s role in holding vision and making decisions
  • How to tame your brain and create optimal states of functioning
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Your greatest gift to God is use that potential to the fullest.”
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How can we awaken our innate potential and live the life we were uniquely crafted to live?


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About Les Price

Les Price is a transformational coach, intuitive healer, professional speaker and published author who has been helping aspiring individuals, business owners and leaders create greater levels of success and fulfillment for over twenty years.

At the tender age of 8 Les discovered that there was a ‘hidden magic’ and potential within all of us.. Since then he has been on an enduring quest to help even more people find their path and awaken and their own personal, professional and spiritual potential.

Les is based in Melbourne, Australia, and is director of The Greatness Connection, a peak-performance consultancy that assists companies, businesses and aspiring leaders to realise their goals in an enlightened and visionary way.


In this session Les speaks about:

  • The 5 step path to awakening more of your divine greatness
  • The essence of the ‘Godicle Theory’ and how it can awaken your life
  • How to rise beyond fear, doubt and limitation to discover your true potential
  • Why connecting with a greater consciousness is so important at this time
  • What Albert Einstein believed about the intuitive self
  • How one man rose beyond his physical incapacity to do something extraordinary
  • Why living an extraordinary life is your birthright
  • The essence of a morning practice and how you can embrace it more fully in your life
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Episode 11 – Discovering Your Divine Blueprint

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Activating Your Innate Potential

“When you discover your essential nature and know who you really are,
in that knowing itself is the ability to fulfill any dream you have,
because you are the eternal possibility, the immeasurable potential of
all that was, is and will be.”
~ Deepak Chopra

In this week’s episode of the Leading in the Light Podcast, I had the wonderful pleasure of speaking with intuitive energy healer and soul mentor, Frances Peterson, from Healing Vibrations about the path to awakening unfolding your soul’s unique Divine Blueprint.

For over 20 years Frances has worked as a healing and Reiki practitioner, soul mentor and intuitive helping women who have reached a cross-roads, or who are transitioning, discover the clarity and courage that they need to find their innate gifts, express their authentic voice, and craft the lives that they were Divinely guided to live.

In her work, Frances now combines a number of evolutionary mind-body modalities, quantum healing technologies, with an ancient Chinese system of face reading and profiling to help people unlock their Soul’s Divine Blueprint so that they can create and live their most authentic and empowered lives.

And in this session we talked about the real essence of personal healing and transformation, as well as how the 9 Star Key system and face reading can be used to help people live happy, fulfilling and abundant lives.

About Frances

Frances is the founder of Healing Vibrations, and helps women who have found themselves at a crossroads, clarify their next step so that they can move forward on their journey with Confidence and Joy.

In many ways, she is that bridge that helps women to move from confusion, self-doubt and inertia to liberation and expression of their authentic voice.

As an Intuitive Energy Healer and Soul Mentor, her work has evolved over the years from her early beginnings as a Reiki practitioner in 1999, and has evolved into a more expansive field of healing with evolutionary mind-body modalities and the latest quantum technology, and life changing Soul readings.

Today, her Divine Blueprint Readings are the foundation for supporting women to identify their innate gifts and talents and how they  can harness them to truly express their authentic Self and contribute to the world the ultimate purpose they were Divinely designed for.


In this conversation we talk about:

  • Identifying patterns that require healing in your ‘essential nature’
  • How belief systems and patterns influence our healing
  • Nature as a mirror to our true authentic self
  • Unlocking and understanding your Soul’s Divine Blueprint
  • How our faces tell us exactly who we are and the strengths and possibilities we hold
  • How to understand your own innate gifts and talents
  • Why your date of birth could hold the key to your highest potential
  • Some of the underlying traits of a great compassionate master – Mother Teresa
  • How to strengthen your weaknesses
  • Understanding personality and its impact on childhood development
  • How nature vs. nurture plays out in our lives
Episode 10 – The Mindful Approach to Changing Your Habits

Episode 10 – The Mindful Approach to Changing Your Habits

Mindfulness, Leadership and the Art of the Micro-Practice

“You’ll never change your life until you change something you do daily.
The secret of your success is found in your daily routine.”

 John C. Maxwell –

In this episode of the Leading in the Light™ Podcast I had the pleasure of speaking with good friend and corporate leadership consultant, Taruni Falconer about how we can begin to embody a mindful approach to change, transformation and habits.

For several decades Taruni has been an educator, executive leadership coach, meditation teacher and expert in inter-cultural dynamics, where she has worked extensively across a number of continents bringing her own unique style and flavour of personal leadership and facilitation to help managers and leaders thrive.

Together we speak about the evolution of mindfulness and meditation approaches for expanding awareness, intuition, and insight. And we also delved into the intriguing area of ‘habit change’ and how we can all begin to create ‘micro-practices’ that engage the mind, body and spirit and that work cohesively to create transformational change from the inside out.

About Taruni

Taruni is a business coach, presenter, and facilitator with a rich background in intercultural communication and leadership skills. Clients know her first and foremost as a coach and facilitator. She facilitates trainings, meetings, and complex processes, and give participants the skills to continue that work themselves. Most importantly, she facilitates changes and deep shifts for individuals and teams.

To facilitate means to make things easier, and that is what she does. She makes it easier for individuals and teams to work through complex issues. Her presentations are informed by current leadership, cross-cultural and diversity research as well as three decades as a practitioner.


In this conversation we talk about:

  • Mindfulness approaches to self-leadership and self-management
  • The art of the micro-practice in habit change
  •  Personal leadership as a vehicle for transformation
  • How to lead yourself – while leading others
  • Why its important to engage conscious practices in everyday life
  • The key elements of sustainable behavioural change
  • How to step into ambiguity and hold your energy and presence
  • How to engage deeper levels of uncertainty and vulnerability
  • Ways that we can all begin to embrace greater courage in our lives
  • The essence of heart and head coherence
  • Accessing your fastest path to inspiration
  • How intelligence flows through our whole body

Connect with Taruni: