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Les Price

Helping Heart-Centred Purpose-Driven Difference Makers Awaken their Light

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Transformational Soul Coach

Heart-Centred Energy Healer

Inspirational Speaker & Teacher

Intuitive Guide & Messenger

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Hi, I'm Les

Spiritual Success Coach, Healer, Guide & Intuitive

As a transformational coach, author, speaker, healer and intuitive, I've been helping heart-centred purpose-driven individuals, business owners, practitioners and creators awaken new levels of purpose, freedom and fulfilment for over 20 years.

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Get the Soul Shift
You Need to Thrive!

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Discovery Call with Les Today

If you’ve been longing to find a better path to creating a
soul-centred, purposeful and meaningful life, that is aligned to your values and brings you more fulfilment ... then you’re in the right place!

As a spiritual life coach, soul guide and intuitive, I’ve been helping aspiring individuals, heart-centred business owners and purpose-driven creators find the path to awakening their true purpose, activating their soul’s gifts and crafting a life of greatness and significance.

​Discover the
6 Transformational Soul Shifts for Awakening Greater Energy,
Purpose & Flow

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Get instant access to your FREE Masterclass Session & Soul Assessment Guide and discover your path to greater energy, purpose and flow today.

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Free Your Spirit

Break free from the patterns, beliefs and limitations of the past and find the freedom your soul deserves.

Ignite Your Light

Tap into your soul's infinite potential and awaken new levels of consciousness, purpose and passion.

Find True Purpose

Discover new levels of clarity, certainty and confidence as you uncover your soul's true life path and purpose.

Heal Your Past

Release, heal and let go of past programming, conditioning and beliefs that keep you from your best life.

Make a Bigger Impact

Find and follow your true soul path so you can make a bigger heart-centred difference in your world.

Awaken Your Soul

Connect with your higher consciousness and find your authentic path to crafting a life of success & significance

Like to Live More Fully On-Purpose?

Take the FREE Quiz and Discover Your Soul's Mission for Success 

Discover where you are on the Purpose-Driven Leader's journey and unveil your path and mission for greater success, happiness and freedom today with this small quiz.

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Ready to Discover a New Level of Being that 
Awakens Your Soul's Unlimited Potential?

A session with Les can help you heal and release limiting patterns, beliefs and programming holding you back from being your best.


Additionally, you'll gain from intuitive heart-centred guidance that will guide you to the infinite intelligence of your soul, connect you to true purpose and help you awaken the destiny that your soul and spirit has been longing for. 

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Join Us for Spiritual Success Club


Get access to our monthly Spiritual Success Club program and learn to develop your spiritual gifts, feel more empowered, and create greater levels of happiness, success & fulfilment on all levels.


Membership starts from just $35 p/m



Join the online community of heart-centred spirited travellers and get FREE access to inspirational resources, podcast sessions and notifications of upcoming workshops, classes, events and gatherings.

Reprogram Your Soul Consciousness for Success 


Discover how to direct your awareness, energy and consciousness to create and manifest what you really want.


In this powerful 30 minute meditation Les will help you connect with the
essence of your soul to draw, attract and reprogram your soul for success.






About Les

Les is a transformational soul coach, author, speaker, healer and intuitive who has been helping heart-centred purpose-driven individuals, business owners and leaders awaken new levels of purpose, freedom & fulfilment for over 20 years.


With a deep passion for providing soulful and intuitive guidance, Les helps clients connect deeply to the intuitive guidance of their soul, so they can heal their lives, realise their soul's potential and fulfill their highest destiny on Earth.

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What Others Are Saying ...

Shona McNeil Small.png

Shona McNeil

Life Coach & Counsellor

"Les, Thank you so much for your outstanding support and coaching. I am so grateful to you! I can’t stop thinking about my business and how my life is changing for the better day by day! Dreams really do come true!


After each of our coaching sessions, I gain more clarity, belief and confidence and there are no doubts whatsoever in my mind, all doubts have completely disappeared, I have come so far in such a short time thanks to you. Les, you have a unique, genuine, kind and gentleness that is rare,
yet you bring out the best in people.


I am not the only one who feels this way about your coaching expertise as I have also liaised with many people from our group sessions
and they all speak highly of you!"

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